$25 and under gift No. 4: Supreme Court mug

If the only Supreme Court case you remember from college is Ali v. Frazer, you probably didn’t have enough coffee before class. Time to wake up and make up for lost time with the Supreme Court decisions mug from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild ($13), a clever gift that will help anyone stay sharp on landmark legal decisions. The litigants of more than 30 famous cases are printed on the mug, and when you add a hot beverage, the losers disappear. You’re on to your own to interpret the legal ramifications of Brown, Ferguson, Miranda and Madison on your breakfast, but consider this our amicus brief in support of You v. Affordable Holidays. Look for it at several stores including the BK Museum giftshop, Pratt Store and others.

UPDATE 12/7: The UPG tells us the mugs have already sold out and won’t be back in stock until January! But they recommend checking out their other disappearing text mugs, including the “disappearing civil liberties” or “Jesus shaves” options.

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