$25 and under gift No. 21: “gold” Indian necklace

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Most import stores are unfortunately unimaginative or expensive—or both. But when we stumbled into Home and Abroad (487 Atlantic Ave.), our skepticism went out the door. Behold, a Bollywood-worthy collar-and-earring-combo for $25! Why didn’t we find this place earlier? Other treasures include: art deco-ey clear plastic necklaces ($25), metal and beaded pieces ($15-25), funky-but-not-weird earrings ($4-12), even bedazzled business card holders ($14). The store’s open noon to 5 p.m. today, so grab this chance to check-off the rest of your glitz-loving list.

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  1. great unusual place and the shop owner is tons of fun and very helpful. She also has beautiful fabrics and some unique furniture and lighting. The store can just make you feel happier having visited.

  2. the shop is beautifully put together, nice choice of warm colors, it is a treat to be there. also, very affordable. enjoy!

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