$25 and under gift No. 17: Circa 1900 subway signs

scroll signBefore the Helvetica Bold invasion of the 1960s (and even before Mad Men), New York’s subway system directed travelers with an eclectic array of handsome rollsigns. Now you can give a glimpse of NYC’s Metropolis past with Flying Junction‘s hand-lettered canvas subway scroll signs, available on Etsy. The larger Manhattan-themed signs run, ahem, almost $200; but you can net the smaller Brooklyn signs for just $19! Hang ’em up, dim the lights, crank up some machinery noise and it’s like commuting to your own Madison Avenue advertising firm at the turn of the century. Via Becoming Brooklyn


  1. Rip Off

    Yeah, you should really clarify that these are not the actual signs, just ridiculously marked-up reproductions of them. Canvas prints on Etsy even at this size run well under $50-100, especially considering these are just B&W (one color of ink) and text only (not even an original design). It’s ridiculous these are in the $120-200 range. They’re not at all a good deal for what they are.

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