$25 and under gift No. 12: eco cup on ice

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We know: it’s positively Arctic out there. Which is all the more reason to think spring by gifting this reusable iced coffee cup ($10), available in-store and online at Fred Flare (131 Meserole Ave., Greenpoint). A warm-weather variation on this eco-favorite, consider the cup the perfect present for those relatives who reside in a warm climate. Or maybe a clutch cure for the overcompensating balmy office temperature your friend keeps complaining about. And feel free to explore the dual-purpose element—whip up some homemade paper umbrellas to have a combo cocktail shaker/tumbler at your service. Either way, a killer pick for the eco/caffeine/booze-friendly set.

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  1. 131 Meserole Ave., Greenpoint. Just want to clarify for your readers who were expecting an easy L train trip instead of L train plus 15 minute walk, or the G train.

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