$25-and-under gift idea #6: robot planter

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Plants can be burdensome and Chia-pets are soooo nineties.  I, Grobot is the perfect little planter that fits into a 3-x-3-inch square on the edge of a desk. It’s shorter than a coffee cup (without the grass) and comes in a tiny red box with everything you need to turn a workspace into an instant conversation starter—ceramic body, legs, grass seeds and two soil pellets. (The water’s on you.) It’s a festive stocking stuffer to help cubicle dwellers get a little more green into their fluorescent-lit lives, and it’s just the right degree of impersonal to give to someone who you don’t want to send any mixed messages to. Also, we love movie puns.

I, Grobot is $10 at the Clay Pot in Park Slope at 162 7th Avenue, (718) 788-6564.

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  1. The other issue with this is that there’s no chance for drainage. I attempted multiple times to maintain this and found that it formed mold pretty quickly. I could have been doing something wrong though…

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