$25-and-under Brooklyn gift idea #10: Mighty Air Mail Wallet

Dyno-mighty!We’re almost hesitant to tell you where to get one of these wallets. Because since we got one at the Brooklyn Flea a few months back, it’s proved to be tops for eye-grabbing gawking from jealous admirers and has led to lots of “ooh”s of wonderment from many a cashier. Made by DUMBO-based Dynomighty Design, the Air Mail Mighty Wallet ($15) is both durable (built out of the same microfiber material as air mail envelopes), and flexible, so it’ll swell to accommodate as many credit cards, receipts or bills (oh to have that problem) as you need to carry. Slim enough so it won’t bulge out of your stylish silhouette on a night out, but also consider it for the vegans on your shopping list: Do you know how hard it is to find a decent non-leather wallet? Check out the company’s other designs too, including an MTA map, loose-leaf notebook paper and a dot matrix printout. Buy the Mighty Wallet online or check the site to find a store that sells it.

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