$25-and-under Brooklyn gift #21: Coney Island print

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photo from zibbet.com/Frankenkitty

There are loads of iconic Brooklyn shots on sale around town, but this cotton-candy-colored take on a Coney Island landmark called to us with its dreamy, almost toy-like look. It’s one of the photos Brooklyn’s Mari Lowery is selling under the name Frankenkitty on the new Etsy rival site, Zibbet. As her handle suggests, Lowery has a sardonic eye, but she does the creepy doll thing without making you cringe, venturing into the established genre of spooky mannequins and bunny-costume photos with refreshing grace. The richly toned yet under-saturated images, coupled with animated compositions, make the pictures more compelling than the run-of-the-mill, was-your-childhood-that-awful shots.

Photos are $25 for an 8-by-8-inch print. Act fast if you want to get your photo-loving friend a print in time for the 25th—your last day to order is Wednesday, and the photographer will ship it next day or priority (you will have to email her at [email protected] and pay the extra charges).

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