$20 gets you food from every Brooklyn Bridge Park vendor this weekend

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Finally, eat a lobster roll, like the rich person you think you are. via Facebook

Hey, know what park has awesome food vendors? Brooklyn Bridge Park. hey, know what park has food vendors that make you want to haggle down the prices? Brooklyn Bridge Park. Lucky for you, this weekend you can gorge yourself like a 1% fat cat by buying a ticket to Taste of Brooklyn Bridge, a food crawl involving all the tasty vendors at the tasty park.We have to say, even by the standard of awesome deals, it sounds like a pretty awesome deal. On either Saturday or Sunday this weekend, buying a $20 ticket to the event will entitle you to the following foodstufs from the vendors at Brooklyn Bridge Park:

– A half lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster

– A Godfather Part II slider from No. 7 sub

– Dutchess County Crown Maple and Organic Pumpkin ice cream from Blue Marble

– A pollo taco from Calexico

– A Movies With a View inspired ice cream flavor from Ample Hills

– A small margarita pizza from Fornino

So anyway, that sounds really good. Especially if you’ve failed to eat lunch so far today. Have fun gorging this weekend!

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