14 no-brainer ways to win iPads

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iPad photo courtesy of Wired.com

If you’re like me, the main reason you haven’t even looked into buying an iPad—which hit stores on April 3, starting at $499—is because you spill a lot, and you don’t want to push your luck. Buuut, wouldn’t you like to win one? Well, I just dove into Geek Land, aka tech-y Websites, and found 14 ways to do so. And they’re all brainless contests; you just sign up or tweet (Sorry, the contest where you send in a pick-up line is expired). The question is: Are you feeling lucky? These all end around the beginning/middle of April. Good luck.

VagrantWeb – Follow on twitter and copy and paste a tweet about why you want one.

Everythingicafe– Sign up, and cross your fingers.

RagTrader – Follow on Twitter.

FriendFeed – Twitter.

TeenCastic – Follow on Twitter, copy and paste a tweet, and give a “creative response.”

Dealsplus – Throw out a retweet.

WeekinRewind – Re-post the ad to your Facebook page.

RedFlagDeals – Uh, just click to enter contest.

MeritLine – Follow on Twitter and retweet ad.

WhuffieBank – Follow on Twitter.

GetaFreeiPad – Two ways to win here: Twitter Hubstop, and/or go to Vanilla Breeze, and fill out a survey.

Irishaisleblog – Follow on Facebook and Twitter, and drink a Guinness. (one of these is not 100% necessary).

MyContestSite – Follow on Twitter.

Gimme – Post on Facebook, and every time you do, you get entered.


  1. I think it’s very misleading to say “No-Brainer”. You clearly need a brain to actually get a free iPad and I challenge this article’s author to prove that you got a FREE IPAD for realz. Because I don’t think you’re really going to succeed, I’m actually will to bet you $20 that you do not succeed. Care to make a paypal wager, Beth?

  2. Tony – part of the contract of writing for brokelyn includes never, ever making paypal wagers. That’s just not in our spirit…

  3. MyIpadWallpaper.net are now running a competition to win an Apple iPad 3G + WiFi 64GB!

    All you have to do is submit an Ipad wallpaper to the site. Each wallpaper you submit gets you 1 entry to the competition.

    Wallpapers need to be unique and of size 1024×1024px to count and you must include your email address when submitting. This is how to winner will be contacted.

    Read More HERE:

    We look forward to your entries.

  4. The daily deals site SnatchThat.com is giving away an Apple iPad to whoever gets the most ‘likes’ on Facebook! All you need to do is become a fan of the page and post on Snatch That’s wall “I deserve to win an iPad because…” and give your best reason. The person who gets the most likes-or votes by February 10th, 2011 wins!

    Enter here: http://www.facebook.com/SnatchThat

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