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9 best record stores in Brooklyn

If you love music and collecting vinyl, Brooklyn has a lot to offer. Here are some of my favorite spots based on selection, aesthetic, and individuality. These, of course, are only half of the stores in Brooklyn (which are all great in their own ways), but these are pretty special.

Rough Trade
64 N. 9th St (Williamsburg)

This is the most obvious, as it’s Brooklyn’s largest record store that is also a music label, concert venue, and coffee shop. They even have a small Melville House book store, so you can buy some books and records. The place, of course, has everything you ever want, although it can be a little pricey since a lot of  the records are new prints, so you might not get a good deal. But if you’re trying to buy a present for someone, or want something specific in mind, this is the spot.

Record Grouch
986 Manhattan Ave (Greenpoint)

This record store is quaint and airy, and has an amazing selection of jazz, punk, metal, soul, folk, and hip-hop. The diversity of its catalog is something worth checking out.

The Thing
1001 Manhattan Ave (Greenpoint)

The Thing is a used record and thrift store. It has endless boxes of used records on the ground level and basement, so when you go there, you should go there when you have a lot of time to spend. It can be overwhelming since it’s not organized by genre at all, but you can literally find anything on the cheap here.

Fifth Avenue Records & Tapes
439 5th Ave (Park Slope)

This place sells records, CDs, DVDs, and tapes. So, you know, you can get nostalgic here. It’s a small store, but there are definitely gems waiting for you, especially if you’re looking for things other than vinyl.

Earwax Records
167 N. 9th St (Williamsburg)

This place not only sells new and old vinyl, but LPs, CDs, record players, and receivers. It is a go-to for a lot of your music needs. It’s also been a neighborhood staple for over 25 years.

Black Gold
461 Court St (Carroll Gardens)

Black Gold is my absolute favorite. It’s a hybrid coffee shop and record store with a quaint vintage vibe. I’ve found a lot of motown and jazz records I love here on the cheap. While the collection is small, I always find something.

Keeling Reggae
1362 St. John Pl (Crown Heights)

If you love reggae, this is the spot for you. There aren’t many record stores that celebrate reggae exclusively, so cherish this one.

The Mixtape Club
1129 Bedford Ave (Bed-Stuy)

This is also a hybrid coffee and record shop that has a fantastic world music section, with rare or more obscure selections. It also is home to some funk, soul, and jazz.

Record Shop
360 Van Brunt St (Red Hook)

I love neighborhood shops with their homey vibes, and this is definitely that. It is also home to a venue in the back for shows, and sells musical instruments as well.

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