Win VIP tix to Sonic Youth at Celebrate Brooklyn

sonicyouthYes, the concerts at Celebrate Brooklyn are free. But go for one of the summer’s biggies, and free probably gets you an afternoon of line-waiting sunburn for nothing but a lumpy, bumpy seat on the distant grass. That doesn’t have to be you. LimeWire Store, the sponsor behind Sonic Youth’s Jul. 31 CB show, is giving away two VIP tickets for right up in front of the stage—so close, LimeWire says, that you’ll “see the settings on Thurston Moore’s amp stack.” If that doesn’t say “very important person,” we don’t know what does. To enter the giveaway, email LimeWire Store at by midnight, Jul. 29. Include the name of your favorite Sonic Youth album and why you like it. All the contest rules are here.