The Week in Broketown, 10/28 – 11/1

Sheepshead bay boardwalk

The Sheepshead Bay bridge is back. Photo by Ana Jacobson

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-Anna checked in on Sheepshead Bay

-The Nets joined startup culture

-It was a perfect day when Lou Reed was the Mermaid King

-The Brooklyn brand took a hit

-But living in New York was declared good for you health

-The Pulaski Bridge fell to the forces of the bike lobby

-There was a cheap way to spend a night at the opera

-A Hank’s bartender told us how to live, but not a “kicking you out” kind of lecture

-We learned how to walk the Brooklyn Spirits Trail

-Brooklyn Fireproof changed the game, introduced $5 brunch

Ents needed maintenance

-Angsty teens lost the right to smoke

-We spent a day at the Brooklyn Bike Kill

Sandy volunteer opportunities were still out there, waiting to be filled