Use your Christmas tree for mulch, instead of letting it die in your apartment

christmas tree

It’s nice now, but it’ll be even nicer helping other trees grow. via Flickr user Erik Abderhalden

Christmas, Christmas time is here…and will also be gone before you know it. So while everyone is bathing in the electric glow of their pine fire hazard beautifully decorated Christmas tree, allow us to look into the future for you, when you’re trying to figure out what the hell to do with the thing on December 26. Fortunately, we have a solution for you, via the NYC Department of Sanitation: instead of letting your tree slowly rot in your place before covertly dumping it on the sidewalk, break it up for mulch for your neighborhood trees. It’s easy!

According to the DSNY, all you need to do is cut the smaller branches off of your tree, or use its twigs. Then lay them down in a pile about three or four inches thick on the soil of your neighborhood tree bed (but not against the tree itself). Voila! You are now enriching and protecting the soil in your neighborhood tree bed, making sure your trees can grow big and strong and last well past the point that they have any use for humanity.