Mmmm! The Brooklyn pr-ice cream index

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In the sweltering heat, I imagine myself doing one of two things: 1) taking an entire watermelon to the face, or 2) purchasing an ice cream cone. When busy consuming all the ice cream in the borough, it’s important to differentiate. Like all the foodie treasures in the confines of Brooklyn, the amount of high-quality, delicious ice cream can be slightly overwhelming. Brokelyn has sorted and price checked to facilitate deciding where to savor your next scoop, lickety split!

Ice cream aficionados can get kinda uppity about “small” vs “single scoop” (Blue Marble has a half-scoop kid size!), so choose accordingly. Prices arranged from lowest to highest.


Brooklyn Ice Cream House
Small: $3
Small Milkshake: $4
Locations: Boro Park, Williamsburg, Flatbush
Organic? Nay, but they do have kosher, non-dairy, low fat, fat free, sugar-free, and gluten-free

Uncle Louie G’s
Small (2 Scoops): $3
Small Milkshake: $5
Locations: Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Williamsburg, South Slope, and basically everywhere
Organic? Nope… but this certainly won’t matter when presented with a flavor like “Peanut Butter Cookie Dough.”

Blue Marble
1 Scoop: 3.89
Small Milkshake: 5.90
Locations: Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights
Organic? Sometimes. Big emphasis on “natural.”

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
1 Scoop: $4
Small Milkshake: $7
Locations: Brooklyn Heights, Greenpoint
Organic? Nah.

Van Leeuwen
Small (1 1/2-2 ish scoops): $4.50
Small Milkshake: doesn’t exist!
Locations: Greenpoint, Boerum Hill, truck at Bedford and N. 7th
Organic? Yes.

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