The Red Hook Food Vendors are back this weekend!

He's Chuck Schumer and he approves that elote

He’s Chuck Schumer and he approves that elote

Now that the Smith-9th Street subway station is finally open, everyone is going to want to ride there, right? At the very least, just out of curiosity. Of course, once you get to the station, you might find that you’re a bit peckish. Fortunately for you, a slew of food vendors will be down in Red Hook, waiting for you to come and spend money and eat. 

The Red Hook Food Vendors are a collection of vendors who set up at the Red Hook ball fields between Court Street and Columbia Street with a few food trucks and dole out heavenly Latin American food. Or, sell it we guess, they’re not just giving it out, but they shouldn’t have to. Where else can you get Guatemalan, Mexican and Colombian food at the same place, all while lounging in the grass? Well, Heaven, sure, but it’s debatable whether that exists and also you have to be dead to get there.

For those of us that prefer to do our eating while alive, the vendors kick off their season tomorrow at 9am and will be there until 9pm, every weekend from now until October. And now that there’s a train that puts you within walking distance of them, there’s certainly no reason not to walk over there, stuff yourself, and then hire some neighborhood kids to roll you back to the train.