The Brooklyn Bridge turns 130 on Sunday! Celebrate with poetry

130? Naw, you don't look a day over 115! via Wikimedia

130? Naw, you don’t look a day over 115! via Wikimedia

Everyone loves birthdays, right? Don’t tell us if you hate them, it’ll ruin this. Anyway, everyone loves birthdays, and you know what lives in New York and has had a ton of them? The Brooklyn Bridge! Specifically, it’s had 129 birthdays, which makes it one of the oldest suspension bridges in the US. And Sunday, the Bridge turns the big (one) three-oh, which calls for a poetry reading to celebrate it.

Head down to Pier 1 at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sunday, and you can witness a marathon reading of The Bridge, a truly epic poem. We don’t mean epic in the Buzzfeed sense, we mean that this a gigantic poem, with 21 different parts. To break up the monotony of listening to such a long poem, a different poet is going to read each section.

And if there’s any bridge here that deserves a big birthday party, it’s the Brooklyn Bridge. After all, as the first land passage between Brooklyn and Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge helped make New York City into New York City. And while it might be clogged with tourists nowadays and kind of impossible to bike over due to that, it doesn’t mean it’s still not a beautiful bridge worthy of a fantastic birthday celebration. So, get it something nice is what we’re trying to say here.