09/04/15 10:51am
Pulaski Bridge

Maybe this time it’s true? via Flickr user NYC Tom

Way back in 2013, which is really a year that happened we promise, we excitedly shared the news that the Pulaski Bridge was getting its own bike lane. No more sharing a narrow strip of sidewalk with pedestrians when you biked into Long Island City! Since then, it’s become the “Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown” or bike lanes, with a delay pushing it back to 2015 and then another delay announced pushing it back to 2016. So take this with a pre-packaged food helping of salt, but according to Streetsblog, construction on the Pulaski Bridge bike lane will allegedly start this month and could open this year. (more…)

07/17/15 2:15pm
You asked for it, and now you're getting it.

You asked for it, and now you’re getting it.

Before we were talking about The Bike Lobby making inroads to Red Hook and Park Slope with a Citi Bike expansion, everyone had been talking about their reinforcing land they already held, by expanding in neighborhoods that already had Citi Bike. Namely Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy, and a whole new neighborhood that’s ideologically inclined with them with the addition of Greenpoint. That one was a long time ago so you may have forgotten about it, but now if you open your Citi Bike app you see a bunch of gray dots. Those new gray dots, according to Streetsblog, are the exact spots where the new Citi Bike stations are going to be put in. (more…)

05/19/15 1:18pm
It's nice to be rewarded for cycling. via Facebook

It’s nice to be rewarded for cycling. via Facebook

May is usually when things start to warm up around here, so of course it makes sense that May is also Bike Month, when people suddenly try to rekindle their relationships with the bikes they neglected all winter (not that you had to). Whether you’re just hopping back on the bike or you rode it through our awful winter, you deserve a reward and Transportation Alternatives is giving it to you by setting up some bike commuter stations tomorrow in Brooklyn, with free coffee and snacks. (more…)

04/29/15 10:51am
citi bike

Red Hook, more like Blue Hook amirite? Photo by Mary Dorn

As we know, Citi Bike will be expanding its blue bike service around north Brooklyn this year, with 53 more stations coming to Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Definitely useful for future L train apocalypses, so much appreciated. What about all points south though? Don’t worry, you can put your shaking fists down if they were up, because DNA Info is reporting that Citi Bike is planning a big expansion southward into Park Slope, Red Hook and other nearby neighborhoods. (more…)

03/11/15 10:56am
greenpoint avenue bridge

Will another bridge fall to the bike lobby? via Wikipedia

With the coming of spring, a young woman’s mind turns to thoughts of bicycling. Even around here, where the simple act of riding a bike can be a nightmare of honking, exhaust fumes and cars swerving into you, it’s time to think more about bikes. So, just in time for that, Streetsblog reports the Department of Transportation wants to give us all new bike lanes, this time on the Greenpoint Avenue bridge that connects Greenpoint to Sunnyside. (more…)

06/30/14 1:19pm
transportation alternatives

This group of road warriors could use some support. via Facebook

Safe streets are the hot new thing in New York City, what with Vision Zero and bike lanes and desperately trying to get the NYPD to start looking at people being run over as something closer to manslaughter instead of accidents. If you want to combine your a need to be on the forefront of do-gooder trends with your need to also pay the rent, Transportation Alternatives needs a Brooklyn organizer and a policy director to join their team. (more…)