10/31/14 3:27pm
thanksgiving turkey

Help some other families get this. via Flickr user Tim Sackton

We know, we know, Halloween is barely over and you’ve barely even started on your candy coma. With that being said, Thanksgiving will be here before we know, and while most of us are lucky enough to have family or a Friendsgiving to go to and eat well, there are too many people in this city who don’t have that. Enter Flatbush food kitchen CAMBA, who’s trying to make at least a small dent by giving 500 turkeys to 500 families in need. Sounds nice, right? You can help, by just throwing some money to their Indiegogo raising money for that. (more…)

Mad props and an extra slice of sweet spud pie tonight to the good people of Occupy Sandy, who coordinated the prep and delivery of 4,000 Thanksgiving meals to residents of Canarsie, Red Hook, the Rockaways and Coney Island. And what an effort it was: some 300 to 400 volunteers worked continuously from 9 am Wednesday chopping, cutting, packing and organizing at Occupy HQ, at St. John’s Parish Hall, 461 99th St. in Bay Ridge. The last Thanksgiving meals were going out today at 4, but Occupy’s work is far from done; coordinator Waldemar Albrecht-Lunn told us that volunteers will be needed to help prepare food at the church indefinitely, “until the need is met.” He said to show up starting at 9 am any day. Or see the Occupy site for more on how to help. More (sorry, iPhone) pics of the OSers in action after the jump. (more…)

11/21/12 4:00pm

Kellogg’s Diner photo via Yelp.

How is it that in this era of the foodie, the simple diner survives? Is it the booth seating? Maybe. Reasonable prices also help the cause, as do simple, non-involved options across the food spectrum. A diner also lacks pretension and any illusion that you, the customer, are always right, no matter how much of a jerk you are. If the waitress needs to tell your drunk table to shut up because she can’t hear the order she’s trying to take, she’ll do that, and you’ll shut up. So if you happen to find yourself in Brooklyn on Turkey Day, why not sit at the formica counter of one of these eight diners offering Thanksgiving meals? (more…)

11/21/12 1:00pm

If you’re avoiding this, lucky you. via Travelers Today

Thanksgiving is a time for getting together with your family and dealing with all of the various irritations that go along with getting to them: traffic, train delays, taking your shoes off at the airport and getting bombarded with creepy sex x-rays. Even if you’re one of the genetic lottery winners than can claim “original Brooklyn” status, your entire family may not live here, so you might need to travel to see them. But, there are definitely some of you sticking around for the holiday. So, what are you gonna do? Take advantage of emptier movie theaters? Run topless or naked through Prospect Park? Volunteer? Go through our underwear drawers while we’re gone? Let us know, so that if we’re sticking around next year, we’ve got some ideas.

11/20/12 6:17pm

Lots of volunteer slots are full for Thanksgiving, but there’s still time to help Occupy Sandy cook and deliver turkeys to our neighbors in need. To help out, cook a bird at home by Thursday morning at 10, then drop it off at St. John’s Parish Hall, 461 99th St. in Bay Ridge. Here’s Occupy’s handy turkey recipe and a list of more turkey day vol opps with the Occupy folks, Wednesday and Thursday.

11/16/12 3:19pm

What the turkey said. via Echo Park Now

Thanksgiving is a time for a lot of things: family togetherness, hackneyed jokes about your family being soooo weird, football, turducken, Alice’s Restaurant. But there are plenty of people out there who aren’t as lucky as we are. So if you have some time to donate or have some shady tax stuff to take care of and want to give some money, here are some opportunities to give back. (more…)

11/23/11 2:33pm

Get 15 percent off animal butt magnets at Future Perfect.

We’re not going to tell you how to shop this weekend. We’re going to tell you how not to shop. For the love of [insert deity here], does anyone  really need to:

1) Shop on Thanksgiving, when some retailers (Old Navy!) are forcing their employees to come to work?
2) Shop at midnight on Thursday, when Target, Best Buy, Kohls and Macy’s are forcing their employees to come to work?
3) Get up at 4 a.m. on Friday to stalk big-box stores for $10 DVDs?

Why not roll out of bed at a reasonable hour and head to the boutique down the block? Some of Brooklyn’s independent retailers are making it even easier this year by having holiday sales.


11/23/11 12:21pm

St. John's Bread & Life needs volunteers and donations.

The holidays are a time for excess starch, hanging things on plants and friendly dispositions. Unfortunately, it is harder for some Brooklynites to attain these niceties that many of us take for granted. Instead of shopping-as-sport at 7am Friday, you could be handing out toys to children who will appreciate your generosity more than your nephew will appreciate this year’s Elmo gimmick. Instead of serving dinner to your cranky family on Thanksgiving, you could be serving dinner to people who would actually appreciate it (for once!). Parent-focused blog A Child Grows in Brooklyn has put together a great resource for Brooklynites looking to volunteer. Don’t let the family focus throw you. In fact,  helping needy families is actually a great excuse to get away from YOUR family. (more…)

11/22/11 12:10pm

Talk about PERIOD costume.

In this very special Thanksgiving episode, Caroline and Max make mad tips, convince Han to keep the diner open to feed the homeless and Caroline starts to grow a backbone; which is about damn time! Things seem to be going pretty swimmingly. But THEN (dun dun DUHN): Caroline accidentally breaks Max’s mixer. It’s seems though Caroline is getting tougher, she’s still just a rich dumb blonde. When they go to a department store to buy a new one and realize they can’t afford it, they decide to get jobs as Santa’s elves. Hijinx and zingers (too many zingers?) and all the vagina jokes you could hope for ensue! (more…)

11/22/11 7:30am

No more bathroom stops!

In a perfect world, holiday travels would be free of carbon emissions, the stress of navigating Port Authority and the horror of gas prices at nearly $4 a gallon. But if your Thanksgiving plans require you to jump in a car, why not do it with a complete stranger from the Internet? It’s more cost-effective and you’re guaranteed to get a good story to tell ‘round the family table. Assuming your driver doesn’t turn you into stuffing before then. We perused the Craigslist rideshare section to see what types of drivers are opening up their passenger seats this holiday weekend. Here are a few of the most useful, mysterious and potentially hilarious rideshares available to anyone making a holiday pilgrimage.  (more…)