04/16/14 12:47pm

Nothing like a little explosive action over your weekend. Photo by Donald Woodman, via Prospect Park

For one night only, the Brooklyn skies will be aflame with fiery feminist passion. And no, I don’t mean that I’ll be yelling out my window at random people about male privilege, because that happens every night. In an equally loud, but presumably more pleasant display, DNA Info reports that artist Judy Chicago will show a 20 minute feature of fireworks and light called A Butterfly for Brooklyn. The piece includes hundreds of fireworks, thousands of road flares and miles of LED lights erupting over Prospect Park’s Long Meadow on April 26. (more…)

03/20/14 1:07pm
prospct park rink alcohol

Well, it worked for Canada. via The Province

New York City is a place that doesn’t see a reason to not add booze to whatever establishment you’ve got. And for that, we love it. The next place getting a liquor license that you wouldn’t immediately think of could be the ice skating rink at Prospect Park. Which we wholeheartedly support, because the only thing that makes ice skating better is chugging a cool Molson XXX before you strap on the blades. (more…)

02/12/14 11:01am
prospect park winter

Why pay on Valentine’s Day when you can walk through a tunnel of love (of sorts) in Prospect Park? via Flickr user Mambo’Dan

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means: Duane Reade is guilting you with boxes of overpriced chocolates you now feel pressured to buy for your main squeeze on that “special” day. If you’re reading Brokelyn, you probably want to impress a significant other without breaking the bank (unless you’re these guys) and sometimes collaging pictures together from your road trip to Philly just isn’t going to cut it. In the spirit of romance and all that, here’s a ready-to-go, adventure-packed and couples-approved free Valentine’s Day in BK. It won’t cost you anything, but there may be a few catches along the way.  (more…)

02/04/14 1:52pm
neutral milk hotel

Just slap a really long gray beard on Jeff Mangum and this picture will be representative of the band

OK, so snow is on the agenda again tonight. But if we live through the winter, we’ve got a hell of a summer to look forward to at Prospect Park. We already know that Janelle Monae will be welcoming us to warmth with the first Celebrate Brooklyn show of the year. And now we can also look forward to Neutral Milk Hotel gracing the Prospect Park bandshell with their warbly no-longer-in-hiding voices. (more…)

01/16/14 4:10pm
Look! She's on a brownstone!

Look! She’s on a brownstone! via Stereogum

Where are you June 4th? Your niece’s kindergarten graduation? Your brother’s wedding? Cool well cancel those plans right now because Janelle Monáe’s giving a free concert. BRIC Arts Media House just announced the psychedelic soul queen is set to kick off the 36th season of Celebrate Brooklyn at June 4th at 8pm at Prospect Park Bandshell. So get your tuxedo and however many hairpins it takes to get your hair to stay up like hers, because we’ve given you plenty of notice. Your grandma’s 100th birthday party wasn’t going to be that fun anyway.

01/08/14 1:00pm
Winter picnicking is a fab way to spend the season.

Winter picnicking is a fab way to spend the season.

Speaking of keeping some perspective on the season, we firmly support efforts to keep up the good fight against winter, namely by not ceding the outdoors and parklands of the borough to those jerky elements. So here is your chance to act like it’s spring time, and win some cash in the process, in an absurd sounding outdoors event called Competitive Winter Picnicking on Jan. 19. The event (which is free to join) is part party, part art project and part pot luck: competitors bring a picnic: anything unique, memorable and delicious. The rest of your spread is open to creative interpretation, and the judges will pick winners based on a whole bunch of categories. Best in show wins $39,a cake and a bottle of whiskey, and runners up can win cash too. We’re betting ants won’t be a problem. (more…)

12/02/13 3:30pm
prospect park skating rink

Soon this will be terrifying reality

If there were any residents of south Brooklyn who were bitter and jealous seeing pictures of magical Canadian Pat Kiernan and others frolic at the McCarren Park ice rink, or weren’t bitter but just wondered when the Prospect Park rink would finally open, we’ve got an opening day for you: December 20. December 20 is the day before the official beginning of winter, the winter equinox on December 21, so Prospect Park is cutting it mighty close. But hey, whatever, skating rink! (more…)

11/05/13 2:40pm
improv everywhere jurassic park

Just a totally normal day at Prospect Park. via Improv Everywhere

Man, Prospect Park has had a hell of a year. GoogaMooga, Tropfest, the president landing a helicopter there. And on some recent sunny day, allegedly a dinosaur was there. Or we guess, there really was one, but it was a fake dinosaur that moved around and roared and chased people, because Improv Everywhere decided they wanted to make Prospect Park into Jurassic Park. (more…)

10/24/13 1:24pm
It's time to finally clear out your backyard. via Flickr user alister

It’s time to finally clear out your backyard. via Flickr user alister

So your landlord didn’t sign your building up for the electronics recycling program the city is offering now. Well, espite that, you can still get rid of that dot matrix printer you haven’t been using without just leaving it on the side of the road. This Sunday and Monday at Prospect Park, an environmental groups is holding an “Upcycling” event, where dropped off electronics will be fixed up and donated to be used. (more…)

10/23/13 4:30pm
President Obama in Prospect Park

Nice helicopter…for a COMMUNIST. Photo by Tom Prendergast, via Park Slope Stoop

Well, turns out there’s a downside to Barack Obama coming to visit Friday, other than him waving his magic Kenyan wand and raising taxes on all of us. Park Slope Stoop caught a glimpse of the Presidential helicopters landing on in Prospect Park yesterday afternoon, and now we know why: the president is landing there before heading to Crown Heights. Unfortunately, that also means the whole park is going to be closed from noon until 6pm, as per a note from the Prospect Park Alliance, because we can’t risk someone hiding in the bushes ready to leap out and ask for an autograph. So you’ll have to find somewhere else to sun yourself and think about how you should have voted for what’s his name, the robot guy.