04/18/16 9:41am
via jsigharas on Instagram.

via jsigharas on Instagram.

Thanks to a perfect storm convergence of a 15k race, nice weather, Smorgasburg and a huge Bernie Sanders rally, Prospect Park was a sight to behold yesterday. The Sanders rally drew an estimated 28,000 people, according to amNY, the campaign’s largest rally yet. It’s no surprise Bernie fandom is high in certain parts of Brooklyn, his hometown, and he hammered home his trendy appeal by bringing Grizzly Bear as his opening act and appearing with fellow hip old guy Danny DeVito (who introduced Bernie as “our Obi-Wan”) and human MacBook Justin Long. It was a colorful event, full of lots of artsy expressions of #feelingthebern. Sanders himself addressed healthcare, the environment and the wage gap. Here’s what the scene looked like:  (more…)

04/12/16 8:48am
Bernie Sanders continues to rally support all around Brooklyn this week. Via Bernie Sanders Facebook.

Bernie Sanders continues to rally support all around Brooklyn this week. Via Bernie Sanders Facebook.

It’s a strange feeling, this being paid attention to by national politicians thing, isn’t it? It’s sort of like being the overlooked middle child in a family but suddenly you’ve got all the coolest Super Nintendo games and everyone wants to make nice with you and share. Or at least until the primary is over on April 19, then no one will pay attention to New York City any more. Anyway, this week is a big one if you’re a fan of democratic presidential candidates: Bernie Sanders is continuing to Bernstorm the borough with what is sure to be a huge, star-studded rally in Prospect Park on Sunday, featuring a requisite Brooklyn smattering of hip talent: Danny DeVito, Justin Long and Grizzly Bear. And, unlike the debate coming to the Navy Yard on Thursday, you can actually attend. Here’s how: (more…)

02/02/16 12:35pm

Snow Shoe Prospect Park

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If you’re anything like us, by Saturday night you were going stir crazy from being trapped inside all day by the weekend snowstorm. So come Sunday morning we couldn’t wait to strap on the snowshoes we rented from Traverse Outfitters (delivered to our door!) and head to Prospect Park for a surprisingly delightful adventure hiking through the thigh-deep snow drifts that blanketed the area. (more…)

01/05/16 12:00pm
via Fellowship of the Rich

It’s time for you to go. via Fellowship of the Rich

Christmas is over, and it’s time for us to leave all that crap about kindness towards our fellow human and hearts bursting with charity behind, buried until Decmeber 2016 rolls around. It also means it’s time to ditch your Christmas tree, before it becomes a sad, molting mess of brown pine needles and sagging decorations. You could just dump it on the street (make sure you follow the Department of Sanitation’s rules), like common garbage, but there’s another way you can dispose of your tree. You could take your tree and return it to the Earth at Muclhfest this weekend, the city’s annual Christmas tree cull! (more…)

12/24/15 10:15am

Dar is ready to help you pack up your holiday (#8)

1. If you love beats and don’t want to spend the evening alone, head to TBA Brooklyn for Christmas for Techno Orphans: a potluck dinner followed by dancing to Eddie Krilov, Lera, Connie b2b Maksim, and more. (Friday, FREE)

2. Wind down from all the Chrismasness at Freddy’s while watching It’s a Wonderful Lifebackwards. (Friday, FREE)

3. Feel the tropical post-holiday beat at Bembe’s Xmas Call to Drum, with Afro-Caribbean sounds from DJ Dirtyfinger and 2melo. (Friday, FREE)

4. Work off some of that eggnog at Brooklyn Bowl’s Family Bowl—it’s free all day, so bring the whole crew. (Saturday, FREE) (more…)

12/02/15 3:53pm
This bird...it's a cool bird... via Flickr user Will Pollard

This bird…it’s a cool bird… via Flickr user Will Pollard

It’s cold and rainy outside, so ordinarily we wouldn’t tell you that going to the park should be at the top of your list of things to do. However! You shouldn’t just barricade yourself indoors when it gets cold, and you especially shouldn’t do it when there’s a rare, Technicolor bird hanging out at Prospect Park like there is right now. Sure you could stare at it through a screen, but the wonder of nature is best experienced in person. (more…)

11/12/15 3:33pm
Ice, ice, baby

You should get one of these nice passes and skate all winter long, ya hear?

Nothing cures the seasonal blues like getting out on the ice and shredding a few laps with friends. Falling on your face in public also builds character. In any case, ice skating season has arrived! And it’s shaping up to be as wallet-friendly as it is fun.

The Lefrak Center at Lakeside is open for ice skating season thru March 2016, and their seasonal passes gives you unlimited skating until March 27, when they switch back over to a roller rink. And lucky you, the passes are cheaper than they were last year. Like, a lot cheaper. (more…)

10/22/15 11:04am
When it comes to summer fun, never say die. Photo by Mary Dorn

When it comes to summer fun, never say die. Photo by Mary Dorn

Whoa, what’s this? Temperatures in the mid-70s in mid-October? We’ll take it. But we’ll also revel in the transience of the moment, since this is probably the last day it’ll feel this warm until next June. In other words, this is your last chance to take advantage of the things you love most about warm weather. Can’t think of any? That’s okay, we made a list for you.  (more…)

09/30/15 11:05am
These days Slimer is chewing on artisanal bangers or whatever instead of dirty water dogs

These days Slimer is chewing on artisanal bangers or whatever instead of dirty water dogs

October as we all know, is the spookiest of months. The kind of month where reports of “something strange in the neighborhood” and “something weird that don’t look good” shoot up 78% according to city data. The kind of month where you might be seeing things running through your head or find an invisible man sleepin’ in your bed. All that being said, you’ve got a chance to prove you ain’t afraid of no ghost next week in Prospect Park, because Brooklyn’s newest and drunkest paranormal investigation team is hunting spirits and specters next week in the park. Be warned though, that this group of ghost hunters love two things: searching for ghosts and getting loaded. (more…)

08/27/15 4:20pm
Ooh, this could be you under a clear night sky. via flickr user Arup Malakar

Just think, this could be you under a clear night sky. via flickr user Arup Malakar

We know we sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating: summer’s almost over, and before you know it, you’re going to be kvetching about the cold temperatures and thinking back bitterly about all the things you didn’t do, like camp out under the stars. Only you can prevent ever going through all that bitter regret—by entering the Parks Department’s camping lottery for a night of woodsy fun in Prospect Park in September! DNAinfo tells us that signups for the lottery will begin on September 9.  (more…)