01/28/13 10:44am
See, it's a metaphor, where Tyson Chandler is the NBA and Amir Johnson is the Knicklyn guy

See, it’s a metaphor, where Tyson Chandler is the NBA and Amir Johnson is the Knicklyn guy

The enterprising Brooklyn-based Knicks fan who bravely defaced the LIBOR Barclays Center subway stop has gotten some unwanted attention from the NBA. Mike Sorisi, proprietor of Knicklyn, has said he’s going to have to shut down his store after being pressured by “a popular sports league” to stop selling his uniquely-branded items that convey both Knickerbocker and Brooklyn pride all at once. (more…)

01/11/13 3:04pm

Rivalry fuel found by the enterprising Tim Donnelly

Somebody alert Marty Markowitz! Some enterprising trickster has struck a blow for Knickerbocker supremacy with the above “Knicklyn” sticker. Not only is this an attempt to put a Knick foothold back in Kings County, but they were even able to slap it in the Barclays Center subway stop. Who are you, mysterious sticker bandit, and where else have you tagged up in an attempt to take back the borough for basketball fans with taste?

12/11/12 2:56pm

Who run the court? Girls

The Knicks and Nets square off at Barclays again tonight, but unlike their first meeting when both teams couldn’t stop winning, they seem to be moving in opposite directions now. The Knicks dusted themselves off and blew out the defending champion Heat by 20 points and are owners of the best record in the Eastern Conference, while the Nets have turned in a couple of uninpsired performances at home against perennial doormats the Golden State Warriors and team of no note the Milwaukee Bucks. What’s behind the Nets’ malaise, missing their center, Brook Lopez, or missing their secret weapon, Beyonce? (more…)

11/27/12 2:30pm

Round One goes to Hov. via ESPN

So Round One of the Battle of New York went to the Nets last night. Befitting two teams that are now tied for first place, it was a hell of a battle, even stretching into overtime, which is fun to watch but hard on your wallet as you have to buy the obligatory “overtime beer” if you’re sitting watching at a bar. Of course, it also gives you more time to be funny on Twitter, which plenty of people watching were. (more…)

11/26/12 2:08pm

Melo vs. D-Wil: Who ya got? via Bustasports

After being delayed by Sandy, the most anticipated intracity sport event since the Subway Series is finally taking place tonight: the New York Knicks versus the Brooklyn Nets, at the LIBOR Barclays Center. If you don’t have a ticket, the game is at 7 and airing on TNT. Adding to the tension, the Knicks are in first place, with the Nets in second place, just a game behind them. If you haven’t been paying attention to basketball, you may be sitting there silently with your more sports-inclined friends as they yak back and forth, when they turn to you and ask what you think. To avoid saying something like, “I think the Nets are going to throw a no-hitter,” use our handy talking points, insults and trivia to make yourself sound like a superfan of either team. (more…)