01/03/17 11:56am
Find an expired two-trip card and try this trick. Via SoundCloud.

Find an expired two-trip card and try this trick. Via SoundCloud.

2017 finally brought a whole new subway line to New York City — and it will probably bring a whole new round of subway fare increases too. We may face a $3 subway ride by March, while delays, construction and overcrowding can still make the experience exasperating for even the most diehard public transit fan.

Savvy riders know number of tricks and hacks you can use to con a few free rides out of the MTA. Now one Reddit user has taken a classic trick that involves getting a free ride out of a two-trip MetroCard and turned it into a catchy rap song so it’s easy to remember. We’re posting this song for entertainment purposes, but if you’re desperate for a ride one day, this is way less risky than jumping a turnstile. And it’s just further proof that broke is the new bling in hip hop today.  (more…)

07/14/16 11:23am
The modlet on the right turned this A/C into a futuristic smart A/C. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The modlet on the right turned this A/C into a futuristic smart A/C. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The idea of a “smart air conditioner” probably seems like some future technology you’re a long way away from actually being able to own, like the pizza rehydrator from Back to the Future II. A smart A/C means a device that can be controlled via app ( as all things in the future will be controlled), keep track of your energy usage and start up remotely whenever you’d like to come home to a frosty apartment.

But smart A/Cs are not just a dream of Shark Tank or that fancy Google tech you hear about in between WNYC programs: You can turn any A/C in your home into a smart, app-controlled device thanks to a program from Con Edison. Plus it’s free, and you can get rewards for using it too. (more…)

11/19/14 1:18pm
nick gilronan

Will this be the person delivering your package? Sadly, probably not. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey you, with the out-of-town friends. Expecting some lovely Christmas gifts but can’t ever be home to sign for the UPS packages? Why don’t you just get your doorman to get it? Oh right, this Brokelyn, you don’t have a doorman. Well, don’t worry about it, because remember how we told you about Parcel earlier this year, that service that holds your packages for you and delivers them when you’re home? They’re launching the service in Brooklyn tomorrow. (more…)

01/03/14 3:08pm
nick gilronan

On the other hand, sometimes it can be worth it to stick around for the delivery man. Photo by Mary Dorn

As one of our writers can attest to recently, it’s extremely frustrating to order something to be shipped to your apartment, only to not be around when UPS or FedEx comes knocking. Not if you have a doorman, we guess, but who actually has a freaking doorman? Enter Parcel, a new service that will pick your package up for you and then deliver it to your door when you’re actually home. On the one hand, this is the ultimate middleman act. On the other hand, it just might be worth an extra five bucks to avoid ever seeing one of those infuriating slips telling you your package couldn’t be delivered again. (more…)

04/01/13 7:00am
And I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?

Um, isn’t this your job after all?

[UPDATE: 4:30pm: After publishing this post this morning, we heard a lot of feedback from you, and we have decided that this piece does not meet Brokelyn’s editorial standards. We have since fired Sally Nakile, effective immediately, and will pledge to return our commitment to Brooklyn’s hard-working service industry employees. Sally Nakile has been forced to returned to her career as a cat burglar. Our readers deserve better, and we are sorry if anyone was offended.]

Here’s where the problem I’ve been wrestling with for years started: I spend waaaaay too much money on brunch. Like, it’s an addiction. On an average weekend, I have crammed in anywhere between three to five brunches in the past. But I’ve found it’s worth it, because too many friendships have broken over too many missed mimosas or un flapped jack. Anyway, that’s not the point: The thing all these weekend meals pointed out to me is that eating out at restaurants all the time really takes a wallop out of the wallet. I found myself dropping three figures each weekend, and that’s before you factor in the necessary post-brunch cocktails and crostinis (a girl cannot live on kale omelets alone, after all).

So about a year ago, I had an idea: how much money could I save in a year by giving up tipping? I mean, the Europeans have been doing this for ages, so why not America? I kept track of how much money I saved by not tipping for all of the past 12 months, and it added up to hundreds of dollars a month, and a whopping $10,000 for the year! It turns out, it is way easier than you think. This is how I did it, and how you can too: (more…)