Or so the registration numbers for the Singles Social Sports league — which is exactly what it sounds like — would say. The registration for the McCarren-Park-based 1/2 dude, 1/2 lady sports teams closes Friday (April 27), so jump on it if you’re into this sort of thing. It costs about $100 to register for each, but no word if you’re guaranteed to score. [via Greenpointers]

06/20/11 9:20am

Pickup soccer in Prospect Park every Sunday. Photo by Flickr's DiscoContinental.

[To bring you this comprehensive guide to pick-up games, Brokelyn turned to someone on the front lines: our friend Pete of BrooklynFans.com, a new site for BK sports fans to gather. Take it away Pete!]

A great way to trick your body into exercising this summer is through social and semi-competitive sports. Whether you’re looking to push yourself and see if ya still got it, or you’re just trying to re-create recess magic and feel better about that IPA you’ll pound immediately after. Brooklyn has an endless supply of pickup games, adult leagues, and tournaments waiting for you, most of which are free to join! (more…)

04/22/10 9:50am
NYC Public Ultimate League

NYC Public Ultimate League

The warm weather seems here to stay, and we’re itching to cure one serious case of spring fever. A winter in the gym gets the heart pumping and all, but there’s nothing like getting out there, letting loose and playing some good-old, adrenaline-filled, sweat-flying-off-your-brow sports. Luckily, Brooklyn’s pretty well set-up for this sort of thing, with great parks and spaces, and plenty of amateur leagues to bring everyone together. So whether you’re one for some pick-up hoops, or if organized cricket’s more your cup of tea, here’s how to get out and play. (more…)