03/08/17 5:25pm
From our annual No Office Holiday Party

From our annual No Office Holiday Party

Picture it: your name, as a byline, at the top of this very page. It doesn’t have to be a dream, let us help you make it a reality.

There are many reasons to want to be a Brokelyn contributor: we get to the bottom of Boro Park’s bus mysteries, we know our cafe camping etiquette, and there’s nothing we love more than an activist bodega cat. We’re a trusted source on hosting a clothing swap, we know how to make a damn fine ramen burger, and association with us will undoubtedly get you invited to rad parties galore. (more…)

12/15/15 2:27pm
One last shot for bonus drinks at Lowlands Bar

One last shot for bonus drinks at Lowlands Bar

December 15 is a very important day in a year that’s usually not filled with important days. Hm? No, it’s not important because it’s the last day you can buy health insurance for 2016 (although your parents would probably appreciate you doing that). It’s important because today is the last day you can use any tickets you’ve got left from the first Cocktail Book we published earlier this year. Lucky for you that your last night for bonus cocktails is happening on a typically mild and beautiful December night, eh? (more…)

07/21/15 4:23pm
Your face here. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Your face here. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Hey there, you over there! The person enjoying everything Brooklyn has to offer and wishing you could share your knowledge of it with the internet. It’s a very specific wish we suppose, but the good news is that you’ve got a place to do that, because we think you should write for Brokelyn! We’re always on the lookout for people who want to pitch us things (especially food things, we love food things), whether it’s someone who’ll bravely drink enough bloody marys to figure out which one is BK’s best, or who’ll take someone on a taco tour of their favorite neighborhood in order to spread taco awareness.

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to help people get ahead in Brooklyn by getting them tips on things like mastering an open mic, how to have a great swap meet or how to skip the line at Smorgasburg and make your own ramen burger. Or maybe you have a pitch for a story we didn’t mention up there because that story about about navigating Brooklyn without wearing pants stuffed with thousand dollar bills hasn’t been written yet. Whatever it is, the first step to seeing it published is shooting an email to dave [AT] brokelyn.com, because we’d love to hear the idea. Especially if it’s a food one, because like we said, we love food.

06/09/15 4:24pm
We promise you'll also have plenty of time for this

We promise you’ll also have plenty of time for this

Hello there, college folks home for the summer. Got any good plans? We mean besides finding trouble only the way that you can. Maybe you want to have more than just a summer job where you count the hours until you’re free, and maybe you even want to learn something (but still have fun doing it). In that case, get in touch with us at Brokelyn, because we’d love to harness your youthful energy and teach you the finer points of blogging and journalism. (more…)

04/13/15 3:20pm
Your funny face here

Your funny face here

As you know, if you’re a regular reader of the site, we are often a clearinghouse of good jobs that other companies have to offer you. And that’s good, other companies are just fine. There comes a time though, when a humble website decides we want some of the talented folks applying for other peoples’ jobs, and that time is right now, today. Brokelyn is growing, so we’re hiring, and we want you to come (virtually) hang and help us get better. Brokelyn tattoo not required, but it’d be nice if you happened to have one. (more…)

01/13/15 3:03pm
Look at all these people having a great time. They all heard about it on the Brokelyn email blast. via Facebook

Look at all these people having a great time. They all heard about it on the Brokelyn email blast. via Facebook

If you’re a plugged-in Brokelynite, then you’re already subscribed to our weekend events blast. But if you’re not, then you better do it quick. Why? Aside from the threat of our crushing disapproval, there’s a whole new reason to get on the list—and it starts Monday. In addition to our weekend events blast, we’ll be sending out a lovingly-curated list of the best FREE stuff to do during the week, too.

In case you forgot what free things look like, it’ll run the gamut from movie nights at bars to panel discussions with the rich and famous. We’ll bring you the first word about food, booze, daytime activities and nightly entertainment. Guaranteed gratis, gratifying and oh-so much fun.

As always, we pledge never to bombard you with unnecessary e-mails—you’re just opting in to hear about free events. We blast you once on Mondays for the week, and once on Thursdays for the weekends. If that seems like a lot of e-mails, well, #sorrynotsorry. It’s just ’cause there are so many damn free things to do in this city!

Last but so, so far from least, you gotta be signed up for our mailing list in order to get first dibs on the 2015 edition of our Beer Books. Beat your friends to the punch pint this year, and sign (up) on the dotted line.

06/20/14 9:00am


Hey guys. Tomorrow is the first day of summer, so we decided to mark it by playing hooky and hitting the beach. We invite you to do the same! Throw off the shackles of work and suits and having the ability to pay your rent, and head for the sand and the ocean instead. After all, summer is only so long, and we read in the Post that Mayor de Blasio and that loony left wing City Council passed the “Fuck Work, Go to the Beach Act” overwhelmingly, so you’re allowed to just leave work for a beach day. See you Monday!

05/13/14 3:18pm

You could be this happy too

Look at those happy faces up there. Here’s what’s incredible about it: that picture was taken in December, in the depths of this recent winter of our discontent. Do you want to be that happy too? You could always try writing for Brokelyn. It’s easy! Know some good apartment upgrades? Have some ideas on how to keep parents entertained when they come visit? Have dating stories or cheap ways to live well  in this exceptionally expensive city? Come aboard with Team Brokelyn, share those insights and become a beloved Brooklyn internet personality. No amount of experience is too little, we just ask for a desire to write and the occasional willingness to let the internet dress you. If you’ve got all that, shoot an email to dave [AT] brokelyn.com and let us know.