10/05/16 11:40am
Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Let me live my damn life Sidney via. Quotesgram

Throw on the Psycho theme, because we’re ready for the ultimate spook. You could stay in bed and watch a scary movie (probably with the lights on, wimp) but what will you do about the lingering shadows keeping you up at night?

If haunted houses aren’t your cup of blood, watching a scary movie in a theatre is the next best scare: that slight chill from the air conditioning, the hushed whisper and focus of everyone waiting for what happens next, the swell of suspenseful music that inevitably leads to someone starting to scream profanities at the screen.

In that spirit (get it?), here’s Brokelyn’s spooktacular roundup of scary movie showings all around the borough. We’ll keep updating this list with additional series as they are announced. In the meantime, head to these movies, and keep the creepy clown costumes at home (also burn them). (more…)

04/21/15 8:59am
swim with swain

Christopher Swain, before a terrible experiment turns him into something not quite man, not quite beast. via Instagram

Gowanus might be the night hot neighborhood in Brooklyn, but that hasn’t done anything to fix its Canal, previously seen being so poisonous an injured dolphin that washed up in it was left to die. A card that says “The Gowanus Canal is gross, don’t jump in it,” even comes in people’s Brooklyn Starter Packs when they move here. Everyone’s pretty much on board with the idea of not swimming in the Gowanus. Everyone except one man, clean waterway activist Christopher Swain, who’s planning to jump in and swim the length of the canal on Wednesday  in order to call attention to the fact that the canal is gross. Makes sense to us. (more…)

01/06/15 4:07pm
bedbugs brooklyn

Could this become a thing of the past? Probably not, but maybe! via Flickr user Azi Paybarah

As we’ve insisted, and were then proven right by a huge amount of evidence last year, the war against bedbugs is hardly over. It might not ever be over. That being said, there are some humans who refuse to go quietly into that good night, and are taking the fight to the bedbugs themselves. Oddly enough, that apparently means letting them bite the shit out of you, which is what biologist/masochist Regine Grieves did, according to Business Insider, in order to try to determine a scent that could lure bedbugs into a trap. After being bit EIGHTEEN THOUSAND times, at least it sounds like Grieves found a possible way to stop them. (more…)

12/02/14 3:04pm

Quick, what are two of the most insufferable types of people you can think of off the top of your head? If you (correctly) answered “men who really into their beards” and “men who want to tell you about how fatherhood has changed everything” have we got a treat for you! Via Gothamist, here’s the story of new father Luke Hughett, who when forced to choose between making his newborn baby happy or keeping his beard, chose the baby. But not without freezing his beard in carbonite. Er, lucite.

There’s only so much that can be said about this situation that isn’t said by the thousand-yard stare Hughett’s wife gives during a brief interview at the end of the video, but we will say that it’s always fascinating to combine too much money with a possible imbalance. Sometimes you get a person who freezes his beard in carbonite, but sometimes you get John du Pont. So it could definitely be worse. (more…)

09/18/14 11:01am
gowanus canal

For once, the answer isn’t the Gowanus. via Flickr user prizepony

Here’s an uncomfortable thing to think about, especially if you’re eating lunch right now: New York’s waterways are full of shit. In a very literal sense, poop just streaming along without a care in the world like the salmon of the Miramichi River. Which New York waterway is the MOST full of shit though? Well, in case you were curious, IQuantNY’s Ben Wellington has determined the answer. It’s in Brooklyn, but it’s not the Gowanus. (more…)