08/28/13 11:37am
Like this? Niv Tishby is one of the artists in Brooklyn's first art CSA. via Facebook

Like this? Niv Tishby is one of the artists in Brooklyn’s first art CSA. via Facebook

Let’s be real here: you need some new art in your apartment. That picture of “The Kiss” you have hanging up in your room makes everyone from your roommates to dates that you bring home uncomfortable. Ah, but art is expensive, even more so when you’re trying to pretend like you have taste. What to do, what to do. Oh, you could sign up for an art CSA, which is a totally real thing, thanks to Brooklyn Community Supported Art and Design. (more…)

08/12/13 3:01pm
What risk for farm-fresh eggs? via Next Door Organics

What risk for farm-fresh eggs? via Next Door Organics

The thing about CSAs, aside from being super trendy at the moment, is that they entail a certain amount of risk. After all, they depend on farm yields, so a particularly dry season or a plague of locusts sent by an angry god means you’re going to end up with less delicious healthy food. Or in the case of an email from an angry reader, internal farm politics could leave you holding the (empty) bag if they cut off delivery. So what do you do exactly? (more…)

03/26/13 9:09am
It'll taste better because you worked for it

It’ll taste better because you worked for it

CSAs. So hot right now. Unfamiliar with the term? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and like Guy Fieri’s factory farm-to-table philosophy, is yet another way for you to feel less guilty about where your food comes from. Each week, you pick up a bag of groceries full of locally sourced vegetables, bread, eggs and cheese, just to name a few. Next Door Organics is a CSA that primarily serves Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick, and they’re looking for a few volunteers to help move things along at their main hub. And in return, you get delicious food! (more…)

03/12/12 10:23am

Fruit? Share! Via Local Roots NYC.

If your idea of eating local is a Devil Dog and Sprite purchased at the bodega down the street, you need some schoolin’ from your local CSA. But if the fear of paying for a whole season where all you get is a box of turnips ever week, you should try Local Roots NYC. Local Roots tweaks the traditional CSA format: For one, you can buy shares of various different products such as bread or fruit instead of being forced to buy the veggies; Two, it offers a flexible payment schedule so you don’t have to pay for the whole season up front. Not only do they provide the standard CSA fare such as veggie, fruit and egg shares from local organic farms, they also have what’s called a “Brooklyn Share,” which features a rotation of artisanal Brooklyn-made products for you to pick up every week, such as Brooklyn Soda Works, Rick’s Picks and Ovenly.  (more…)

07/20/11 12:53pm

Blight made right. Photo via foodmapper.wordpress.com

Here’s a real solution to rescuing that poor abandoned, debris-ridden lot next to your home (or maybe in your backyard) that won’t dry out your wallet or break your back. In fact, you’ll even get some free grub. The company Nextdoororganics has issued a call for experienced farmers, wannabes (i.e. interns) or just plain interested folks to identify unused, open plots, including backyards, brownfields and school grounds in Brooklyn to be converted into urban farmland. Landowners and tenants can help out with the dirty work — or leave it to the pros, but offering your chunk of soil will yield free access to the season’s harvest. (more…)

05/09/11 11:02am

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04/14/10 4:39pm
A yield from Flatbush Farm Share. Photo via Sustainable Flatbush.

A yield from Flatbush Farm Share. Photo via Sustainable Flatbush.

Ah, CSA season once again: overflowing boxes of mystery farm-freshness, that connected-to-the-earth feeling and giant zucchinis up the wazoo. Last year we gave you the lowdown on Community Supported Agriculture in Brooklyn and why every locavore, quasi-locavore and their mother seemed to be hopping on the farm wagon. Now it’s registration time again, and there are four new CSAs on top of last year’s already impressive list. A few are already sold-out for the season, but plenty are left to help you fill those crispers. (more…)

Courtesy of Flatbush Farm CSA

Courtesy of Flatbush Farm Share.

How are you getting your greens this summer? If the answer is the frozen food aisle of C-Town, consider signing up with a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group instead.

The produce-buying collectives, which offer a weekly delivery of farm-fresh produce at prices less than you’d pay at a grocery store or green market, are a booming business. There are 20 new CSAs in the city this year, seven of them in Brooklyn alone. Groups in Fort Greene, Bay Ridge, and East Williamsburg have been booked solid for months (next year, sign up in February), but we found seven CSAs around Brooklyn  that are still taking new members. (more…)