05/28/13 3:57pm
Ketih Johnston pops in to the Jalopy Theater to sing some Jamaican songs of the seas. Photo by Nick van der Grinten, via BAC

Ketih Johnston pops in to the Jalopy Theater to sing some Jamaican songs of the seas. Photo by Nick van der Grinten, via BAC

1. You’ve got two chances to show off your Arrested Development knowledge, at the Brooklyn Winery and at Chez Lola (Tuesday)

2. The Moth’s Dan Kennedy has a new book out and he wants you to come to Powerhouse Arena so he can talk to you about his new book. You should do it (Tuesday)

3. The Masters of Social Gastronomy talk about futurism and food, and ironically, futurism actually comes from the past (Tuesday)

4. Swing by Mental Marginalia to bring poetry from the margins of your mind to the forefront (Tuesday) (more…)

03/28/13 8:18am
So, you coming, or what?

So, you coming, or what?

1. Arts group nuMad has a bunch of their work to show off, and they’re so excited about it that they’re having a party (Friday)

2. Rock and roll wild men Wild Yaks help rock a packed bill at Living Bread (Friday)

3. See the dead baseball legends buried at Green-Wood Cemetery. Hopefully while you’re there Hell doesn’t run out of room and the dead start walking the Earth (Saturday) (more…)

03/25/13 8:22am
You can also ask Toure about Prince's bracket

You can also ask Toure about Prince’s bracket

1. Public Assembly is hosting some poetry, and according to the organizers, the world will never be the same. Bold statement (Monday)

2. Go wish a happy tenth birthday to The Believer. Don’t forget to bring a gift, that’s an age where there’s still tears if they don’t get their way (Monday)

3. We found out last week that the Reverend Vince Anderson is a Met fan, so go to his show and between sets ask him what kind of season he thinks Lucas Duda will have (Monday) (more…)

02/12/13 1:00pm
Ol'Handsome Joe Biden bides his time...

Ol’Handsome Joe Biden bides his time…

If you’ve been experiencing politics withdrawal since quitting cold turkey following the election, we have good news for you: tonight is the State of the Union the nerd Pro Bowl to the election’s nerd Super Bowl. And Ted Nugent’s gonna be there, so maybe we’ll get something way more entertaining than a “You lie!” moment. If that happens, what better place to be than a room full of drunk strangers who’s politics you aren’t totally sure of? So, here’s some bars where you can watch it all go down tonight. (more…)

01/29/13 11:15am
They're calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

They’re calling it the Harbauwl this year. True story

The problem with throwing a Super Bowl party in Brooklyn apartments is one of simple logistics: it requires space you don’t have. Even if your Bushwick loft does have the capacity to host a couple dozen drunks and a fifteen-foot hoagie, chances are you and your nine roommates haven’t gone in for basic cable, and maybe even a couple of them loathe sports and the average loud, loyal football fan. You’ve already shelled out to learn about football, so what do you do to keep your investment from being a waste? As with so many Brooklyn conundrums, where-to-watch-the-Super-Bowl is a question best answered with a trip to the bar. Here’s a list of spots showing the Big Game. (more…)

12/31/12 7:00am
Contrary to popular belief, Ray Parker, Jr. was TERRIFIED of ghosts

Contrary to popular belief, Ray Parker, Jr. was TERRIFIED of ghosts

1. Catch Smile Swamp Princess at Pete’s Candy Store and you can fulfill your “see a rock opera” resolution you’ve been putting off all year, and just in time too (Monday)

2. Matchless invites you to welcome the New Year with comedy and some dancing. No, don’t worry, the comedy won’t be your dancing (Monday)

3. New year, new wave. Well, technically new wave is freaking old at this point, but who’s keeping score? Not us (Monday)

4. Our legal team says otherwise, but you know what would be a great prank at the Grand Army Plaza fireworks? Bring a bunch of easily-spooked cats (Monday) (more…)

12/26/12 3:28pm
Say "HELLO" to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

Say “HELLO” to the new year with Mr. Murray Hill at the Knitting Factory

New Year’s Eve is the best holiday. It just is. It’s a night of no inhibitions, one where you’re as likely to wake up in the middle of making out with someone as you are to find yourself puking. Forget those friends of yours who grouse about it being amateur hour and a haven for people who can’t handle their liquor. If you’re the sort of person who’s always the drunkest one at the party, it’s the night where everyone gets dragged down to your level and you subsequently look great. Not only that, but it’s a night full of optimism and the belief that things will be better over the next 365 days, despite zero evidence to back it up. If you’re still looking for somewhere to get that midnight smooch and sing Auld Lang Syne, we’ve got your back. (more…)

10/25/12 4:27pm

Now there’s a crowd that can use some beers. via Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

We’ve gone over a couple of the things you can do in Brooklyn bars, from eating for free, to being a productive member of society (or just browse YouTube while getting drunk). Well now you can add “read a book” to the list of things to do while drinking in public. We’ll admit it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind (we prefer reading in parks), so credit where it’s due, to the Daily News for finding four Brooklyn bars where readers are welcome to sit down and open up a tab. (more…)