10/27/16 3:49pm
The scariest Halloween fright for some people? Being forced to cater a party for a few minutes

Lady Liberty welcomes visitors to Doomocracy at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Photo by Will Star/Shooting Stars Pro.

This year, we’ve learned that the most terrifying thing some people can imagine is a clown slowly stalking them from a forest. For others (me), it’s the thought of this election being stuck in a Twilight Zone-ish scenario that actually doesn’t end on Nov. 8 and carries on forever until the earth is mercifully swallowed by the sun. But for others, the most terrifying thing they will face this Halloween is having a service industry job. [Warning: mild spoilers ahead if you’re planning to see Doomocracy.]

Being forced into a catering gig is one of the standout parts of Pedro Reyes’s Doomocracy installation at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, an immersive horror house that’s part dystopian political satire and part Sleep No More. At one point, you’re shunted from sitting around a table in a mock Halliburton conference room, forced to climb four flights of stairs and immediately handed an apron and serving tray as you’re berated by a catering manager in English and Spanish. Then, you’re shoved through a door into a mock art gallery party, where you’re forced to circulate among socialites, who, by design, treat you like animated furniture. The experiences is disorienting, humbling, slightly annoying — and too much to handle for some guests.

“The first night we ran people through was for patrons. People were really mad,” director Meghan Finn told Brokelyn. “It is strenuous to get all the way up to the top. … There are people who protest, refuse to serve.”

The idea is to flip the script on art patrons and drop their status from attendee to server. But thinking that some people being too freaked out to hold a catering tray for a few minutes is actually scarier than the scene itself. (more…)

10/13/11 9:00am

This is all Sue can do to contain her rage.

Living and working in New York City since 2000 has made me an angry person. I’ve had a ton of crappy, low-paying jobs, from babysitting children of models, movie stars and poor people, to working in a bakery, to selling skateboards. And, of course, waiting tables, teaching yoga, styling photo shoots, selling textiles, throwing parties, doing admin work for nutty professors, cleaning up vomit in a bowling alley … Don’t make me continue. People in New York will do stuff like come in 20 minutes late to yoga class, change their babies AT A DINNER TABLE FOR DINING, and “forget” to pay you on payday.

I know I’m not alone. So to channel my emotions in a healthier way, I wrote a one-person character show about my work-induced anger problem called Minimum Rage, playing Oct. 20 at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre in Chelsea. If you don’t come, I can’t promise you won’t be the target of our collective rage behind your back. But you can start commiserating by reading stories of the crazy crap my fellow Brokesters have had to hold their tongues on in the name of paying their rent. Add your own in the comments. (more…)

11/11/10 1:15pm

We’ve covered engagement rings, wedding gifts… now it’s time for tips on the food. Mary, a soon-to-be-wed friend of Brokelyn, needs some crowd-sourced help finding the catering for her big day. Mary’s got the venue covered. “It’s 450union.com. It’s really cool,” she writes.  Now she’s looking for:

“A caterer who will cater a low-key but elegant (not fussy, that means) wedding for $50-$75 pp. We need to get tables, chairs, linens, silverwear, the whole shebang.”

Also on Mary’s to-do list: finding a dessert truck and renting a sound system for the band. We can tell she’s already taken a few pointers from here, but now Mary needs your two cents: Where can she find a classy caterer for under $75 a head?

04/06/10 9:32am
Anders Bergstrom and Regan Grusy's Powerhouse Arena wedding, photo courtesy of Brooklyn Bride.

Anders and Regan's Powerhouse Arena wedding, photo courtesy of Brooklyn Bride.

Planning and budgeting a wedding can be a joyous, exciting, financially eviscerating event. That’s why Brokelyn Labs contacted local wedding planners, caterers, florists, photographers, bloggers, stationers and even Brokelyn readers to pull together this list of the most creative, “why didn’t I think of that” ideas to save money for your big day. From DIY catering schemes, to off-the-rack dresses, don’t get married without them. (more…)