10/27/14 1:54pm
brooklyn night bazaar

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar? is just one of the markets where you can make a little cash this holiday season. via Facebook

Twas the night before Halloween, and you remembered Christmas is just around the corner… For retailers, at least.

It’s never too early to be thinking of the winter holidays. Because, presents.  But if you want to turn that bundle of yarn stuffed under your bed (note to self) into some cash, get crafting, because it’s time to work on your holiday market inventory! Never sold your pom-pom cowls before? Never fear. Brokelyn will try and help you vend your cool crafts to the Brooklynites who appreciate your creativity at upcoming holiday markets. (more…)

09/26/14 9:17am

This, but indoors. via Flickr user Steel Wool

Do you like Smorgasburg but hate going to Williamsburg for it? Well great news, because Eater reports that Smorgasburg and the Flea are moving their indoor set up from Williamsburg to Crown Heights this year, setting up shop around the corner from Berg’n once it gets too cold to enjoy stuffing your face outdoors. (more…)

05/16/14 2:15pm
district flea

Apparently their good taste wasn’t unimpeachable. ::rim shot:: via Facebook

Despite the fact that the Brooklyn Flea couldn’t work their curated magic in Philadelphia, things seemed to be going a little bit better in the outpost in the nation’s capital. Or so we though, since we don’t bother paying attention to DC except for the imaginary DC of Veep. As it turns out, things weren’t so hot at the District Flea though, because it just abruptly pulled up stakes this week. And in a familiar refrain, a resident claimed carpetbagging did the Flea in. (more…)

04/30/14 4:30pm
brooklyn flea

Like this, but just a couple blocks north. via the Brooklyn Flea

While the Brooklyn Flea had announced the opening dates for its sprawling flea market empire a couple weeks ago, the one place that was missing was a Williamsburg branch. But now Williamsburg residents and Manhattanites who only think Brooklyn goes as far as Williamsburg don’t have to worry, because the Flea has announced their new Williamsburg location this year is 50 Kent. And vendors will be there as soon as this weekend. (more…)

04/25/14 11:24am
gotham girls roller derby

Coming soon to Kent Avenue: Terror on Rollerskates! via Facebook

If you remember a couple of weeks ago (and we don’t blame you if you can’t), you’ll remember that desultory empty lot Williamsburg Park was rebranded as 50 Kent, and is hosting both Beirut and the War on Drugs. And the park will be even more exciting this year, as it turns out it’s gonna host everything from roller derbies to a Brooklyn Flea outpost to outdoor movies. Maybe this whole “naming a venue the address” thing actually works. (more…)

03/27/14 3:44pm
Hey remember this? Photo by Joe Delaney

Hey remember this? Photo by Joe Delaney

Signs of spring approaching include baseball, free trees and people making lists about signs of spring approaching. We can also add the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg reopening to that list, and hey, look at that, next Saturday, April 5, the Flea and Smorgasburg will indeed be back. Where will they be? Pretty much everywhere: Williamsburg, DUMBO, Fort Greene and Park Slope are all getting a piece of the action. Hell, by the time you read this, they may have signed a deal to open an annex in your kitchen. (more…)

11/01/13 4:00pm
dc cool

DC is a very cool town. Cool. via Flickr user Ali Gold

We’ve just been over how Philadelphia found some local pride and rejected the Brooklyn Flea, but we can always count on other cities’ boosters to try to make their city Brooklyn’s little brother, probably to the annoyance of the rest of the population. Now, in a move that will allow Philadelphia and New York City residents to make fun of Washington, DC, together, Andrew Sullivan said this while announcing his return to the district:

I miss the increasing vibrancy of the city – which somehow doesn’t make it harder to live in. I miss the oases of quiet and the energy of a new emerging city that is both a second Brooklyn and a global hub of media and politics.


10/29/13 3:15pm
Brooklyn flea philly

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Back to Brooklyn with ye.” via Brooklyn Flea Philly

When the news broke that the Brooklyn Flea was headed to Philadelphia, we gave the residents there some good-natured (well, not outwardly hateful) ribbing about finally becoming civilized. However, because of that post, or just because Philadelphia has flea markets and a sense of civic pride that rejected some New York bigshots coming in and telling them what to do, the Brooklyn Flea Philadelphia is no more. The Brooklyn Flea should be fine, contenting themselves with monopolizing the Brooklyn flea market, uh, market, but could this be the beginning of a pushback against the Brooklyn brand in other cities?  (more…)

Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg

Guess what’s coming to Brooklyn

Miss the Saturday Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene? Don’t worry, you can always catch it in Williamsburg on Sunday. Miss it that day too? Well, you’re SOL, at least until Columbus Day, when finally, finally one of those Brooklyn Flea expansions we’ve been hearing about comes to Park Slope. Which, how did it ever take so long to end there in first place? (more…)

07/26/13 11:50am
You'll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

You’ll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

Washington, DC isn’t really thought of as a hipness capital, despite being the capital of God’s hippest country (America). But change is in the air: fresh off teaching the residents of Brooklyn’s little brother city how to be cool, the founders of the Brooklyn Flea are heading further down the I-95 corridor to start a spinoff version of their outdoor market in Washington, DC. Those clowns in Congress have done it again! (more…)