03/27/14 3:44pm
Hey remember this? Photo by Joe Delaney

Hey remember this? Photo by Joe Delaney

Signs of spring approaching include baseball, free trees and people making lists about signs of spring approaching. We can also add the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg reopening to that list, and hey, look at that, next Saturday, April 5, the Flea and Smorgasburg will indeed be back. Where will they be? Pretty much everywhere: Williamsburg, DUMBO, Fort Greene and Park Slope are all getting a piece of the action. Hell, by the time you read this, they may have signed a deal to open an annex in your kitchen. (more…)

11/01/13 4:00pm
dc cool

DC is a very cool town. Cool. via Flickr user Ali Gold

We’ve just been over how Philadelphia found some local pride and rejected the Brooklyn Flea, but we can always count on other cities’ boosters to try to make their city Brooklyn’s little brother, probably to the annoyance of the rest of the population. Now, in a move that will allow Philadelphia and New York City residents to make fun of Washington, DC, together, Andrew Sullivan said this while announcing his return to the district:

I miss the increasing vibrancy of the city – which somehow doesn’t make it harder to live in. I miss the oases of quiet and the energy of a new emerging city that is both a second Brooklyn and a global hub of media and politics.


10/29/13 3:15pm
Brooklyn flea philly

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Back to Brooklyn with ye.” via Brooklyn Flea Philly

When the news broke that the Brooklyn Flea was headed to Philadelphia, we gave the residents there some good-natured (well, not outwardly hateful) ribbing about finally becoming civilized. However, because of that post, or just because Philadelphia has flea markets and a sense of civic pride that rejected some New York bigshots coming in and telling them what to do, the Brooklyn Flea Philadelphia is no more. The Brooklyn Flea should be fine, contenting themselves with monopolizing the Brooklyn flea market, uh, market, but could this be the beginning of a pushback against the Brooklyn brand in other cities?  (more…)

Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg

Guess what’s coming to Brooklyn

Miss the Saturday Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene? Don’t worry, you can always catch it in Williamsburg on Sunday. Miss it that day too? Well, you’re SOL, at least until Columbus Day, when finally, finally one of those Brooklyn Flea expansions we’ve been hearing about comes to Park Slope. Which, how did it ever take so long to end there in first place? (more…)

07/26/13 11:50am
You'll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

You’ll be able to find Mitch McConnell there, shopping for sad turtle figurines. via Salon

Washington, DC isn’t really thought of as a hipness capital, despite being the capital of God’s hippest country (America). But change is in the air: fresh off teaching the residents of Brooklyn’s little brother city how to be cool, the founders of the Brooklyn Flea are heading further down the I-95 corridor to start a spinoff version of their outdoor market in Washington, DC. Those clowns in Congress have done it again! (more…)

Who has one thumb and likes eating under the DUMBO Archway? via Facebook

Who has one thumb and likes eating cemitas under the DUMBO Archway? via Facebook

It’s getting summery out there finally, no doubt helped along by the emergence of the Mermaid Parade. And if it’s getting summery, that means it’s time for you to get outside, either to “work” if you’re a freelancer, or take Mad Men-style long disappearing lunches if you work in an office. DUMBO is a great place to do that, with its abundant wifi supplies and proximity to outdoor phone-charging stations. So what better time than now to hit up the mini-Smorgasburg that is Flea Food Under the Archway? (more…)

05/01/13 8:00am
Innocent fun or neighborhood terror? Photo by Joe Delaney

Innocent fun or neighborhood terror? Photo by Joe Delaney

Green space is limited in this city, to the point where, even though parkland is public space for everyone, neighborhoods come to think of a park as “theirs” and resent people who aren’t from the neighborhood coming and using it. So is it surprising that people who live in Williamsburg are already getting irritated about Smorgasburg and the Flea being held at the East River State Park? No, not really. (more…)

04/16/13 10:54am
Artist's rendition of Philadelphia being cool like Brooklyn

Artist’s rendition of Philadelphia being cool like Brooklyn. via Philly Mag

One of the great things about living in a city as self-involved and full of itself as New York is that when someone copies  us, we can act like older brothers and give them (verbal) noogies. Which I say having experience being an older brother, sorry younger siblings of America. So it is with great relish that we saw the news that Philadelphia, sixth borough and one of the many “next Brooklyn” cities out there, is getting it’s own version of the Brooklyn Flea in June. Which will still be called the Brooklyn Flea. (more…)

04/04/13 8:39am
Eat like a champion, Saturday

Eat like a champion, Saturday

1. Shop for vintage duds and drink free booze at Odd Twin (Friday)

2. Rock and roll with Galapagos Now, just make sure to put the glasses on (Friday)

3. Brooklyn LaunchPad is having themselves a spring fling fundraiser party (Friday)

4. Brooklyn Fireproof hosts a Bushwick-centric First Friday, centered around spring, second-best season after summer (Friday) (more…)

04/03/13 1:00pm
CAN'T WAIT TO EAT THIS (via flickr user skelastic)

CAN’T WAIT TO EAT THIS (via flickr user skelastic)

Don’t let the wind chill deceive you — the summer outdoor market season is VERY NEARLY UPON US, and this weekend marks the return of Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea! And thank god, because that artisanal BK-made salsa we bought last July has totally expired. Not that that’s stopped us… (more…)