See, it’s a metaphor, where Tyson Chandler is the NBA and Amir Johnson is the Knicklyn guy

The enterprising Brooklyn-based Knicks fan who bravely defaced the LIBOR Barclays Center subway stop has gotten some unwanted attention from the NBA. Mike Sorisi, proprietor of Knicklyn, has said he’s going to have to shut down his store after being pressured by “a popular sports league” to stop selling his uniquely-branded items that convey both Knickerbocker and Brooklyn pride all at once.

Sorisi had been selling stickers, t-shirts and snapback flat brim caps (of course) with his Knicklyn logo, a basketball in a circle, stamped with a K, until the NBA decided that wasn’t kosher. Still, in true wiseass New Yorker fashion, Sorisi told the Post that this isn’t over, because the NBA doesn’t own circles, and that “there’s a Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn.”  The letter on the Knicklyn site promises the possibility of a court battle if an agreement can’t be reached, but we don’t see that one working out in his favor. Not unless Spike Lee suddenly decides to pay for his lawyers.

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