Slurp all the oysters and beers you can handle at Brooklyn Crab this Saturday

I will take 4 dozen more, please. via Flickr user Jenn Larsen

I will take 4 dozen more, please. via Flickr user Jenn Larsen

You like oysters? Actually maybe this is more for the folks who love oysters. Love them more than any other seafood option available to people. Because if you feel that way, have we got news for you: Brooklyn Crab is throwing an oyster festival this Saturday where people will celebrate (read: eat) oysters for three hours. And to wash it down, all the beer you can drink. Yeah, that’s a good Saturday right there.

So yeah, October 26, three hours of all the oysters you can eat and all the beers you can drink at Brooklyn Crab (24 Reed Street) from 3pm to 6pm. There isn’t really anything to it outside of that. It’ll run you $45, but if we know our readers, and we do, we know that you guys can more than make that worth your while. Hell, oysters are about as filling as air, so you can probably eat something like 50 of them in three hours. Which would make the event more than pay for itself, because you’ve got all those beers too.

One Comment

  • Will there be bread? Because I can drink a lot of beer in three hours, and I’m not confident that oysters will absorb that.