Sick of these yet? Us too, but this one’s worth watching because it’s less repetition of an over-cooked meme and more of an anthropological and humorous take on pre-gentrification King’s County, with all the old verbal idiosyncrasies and local slang in that lovable but disappearing deez-guise accent. And they give their take on hipsters, of course.

“If you see someone in a bar, reading a book, that’s a hipster.” Yeah! No one who’s from Brooklyn reads!

[Via Gothamist]

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  1. Shit (racist small-minded guido low-class white) people (who bitch about hipsters while gladly taking their rent money for a DOH-violation-level apartment in BFE Bay Ridge) from Brooklyn say….

    • Test Es, maybe you should take a look at yourself before you call people racist. Just because there are white people in the video and they are from Brooklyn they are “guidos” and “low-class white people”? Get a clue as to what you are talking about before you spout off an ignorant rant.

    • Wow. My boyfriend was born and raised in Bay Ridge, as was his mom, and they’re two of the loveliest people I know. No one in Bay Ridge bitches about hipsters because Bay Ridge doesn’t really have hipsters. Too far on the train, too suburban, too middle class, too family-oriented, too quiet, too boring. And as a transplant to Bay Ridge, it surprised me how much I liked it that way. The neighborhood has everything you’d need except a reason to actually come there if you live someplace else (exceptions: Tanoreen and Century 21).

      If you’ve been to Bay Ridge recently, your preconceived stereotype isn’t what you’ll see. You’ll see some folks who have lived there for generations, some who have lived there for one, but whether they originally came from Greece, Italy, Norway, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, or Palestine, they’ve all made Bay Ridge their home.

  2. I don’t know… I am from Brooklyn and this makes me cringe.

    “fuck you! get the fuck out hear! fucking hipsters!”  … “Brooklyn are the warmest nicest people ever”

    I’m sure.

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