Science: Skip med school debt, buy a Wii instead

He's actually in his third year of medical school (via Facebook)

He’s actually in his third year of medical school (via Facebook)

Thinking of giving your debt load a little workout by taking out a few med school loans? You could also consider settling for a Wii instead. A new study says that playing games like Wii Tennis, Wii Table Top Tennis and High Altitude Battle help hone skills necessary for becoming a surgeon, teaching players how to manipulate surgical instruments with better precision. Hear that, Operation?

The study doesn’t actually say that you can learn surgery by playing Wii, so you’ll still have to shell out for years of medical school if you plan on getting into an operating room. But researchers say that surgical students who spend a few hours flicking pixellated ping pong paddles really can improve more quickly than those who don’t, and it’s possible that future game developers will create Wii games specifically designed to help train surgeons. And since Wiis are the cheapest consoles, clocking in at about $120 each, this is great news for budding surgeon brokesters looking to save on a few textbooks (and, of course, play guilt-free hours of video games) in the future. Or, we guess you could just watch Grey’s Anatomy instead.

[h/t The Atlantic]