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When we last heard from Roger That Community Garden, they were getting boarded up and the developer who owns the lot was asking for a million dollars for it. Still, the gardeners who turned a gross garbage lot into a nice garden aren’t giving up yet, and are inviting people to re-paint a mural outside the garden washed way by rain, to fight what a garden founder called “community terrorism,” in an interview with DNA Info.

On Saturday, September 27, Roger That is inviting people to show up and grab a brush and start helping them paint another mural on the boards that surround the garden. If, like some of us, you aren’t artistically inclined, they’ll also be taking care of street trees and composting and generally being environmentally friendly. Which is a more ethical Saturday activity than “binge drinking and watching college football.”

As for the legal situation surrounding the garden, Emily-Bell Dinan told DNA Info that Roger That gardeners wouldn’t pay a huge sum of money bought for nothing and that holding the garden hostage for a million dollars was “kind of community terrorism.” She also told the website that staff from City Councilmember Robert Cornegy are helping prevent construction permits from being filed, until they can figure out how much unpaid tax money TYC Realty owes the city since taking over the land.

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