Rent in Crown Heights has gone up 21.4% since last year, the biggest increase in Brooklyn

crown heights

Now with 21% more expensiveness! via Flickr user emma.maria

Hey, remember how AirBnB described Crown Heights as “rundown” and “seedy”? Good times. Anyway, people renting there are probably wishing that was the reputation it had among people who actually live around here, because according to real estate company MNS, the rent in Crown Heights has gone up 21.4% since last year. Don’t worry though, the good news is…uh…well the good news is nothing is permanent and death comes for us all.

MNS came out with a new rent market report, and despite its cheery font and popping colors, there’s only good news in it if you’re a landlord. If you’re a filthy renter, there’s not much to celebrate. Especially in Crown Heights, which had an overall rent increase of 21.4% since last year, the highest increase in Brooklyn. Studios jumped from $1300/month to $1779/month, one-bedrooms went from $1777/month to $2125/month and two-bedrooms went from $2225/month to $2527/month. Looking for someone to blame for this one? Try the Muppets.

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