Reach peak fitness with a $99 Brooklyn Boulders membership

brooklyn boulders

You don’t need a cape, but you’ll get some style points. via Facebook

You might think that because it’s winter, you can hang around getting fat on cheap beer and heavy food. You can! We’re not gonna judge. But you don’t have to do that. You can leave the house and get some exercise, and you can even do it without going to a regular gym full of meatheads talking about reps. A new deal has cut the price of a one-month membership at Brooklyn Boulders from $252 to $99. Finally, an opportunity where hanging around gets you in shape (sorry…).

We do get it, working out sucks. But you should get some physical activity in your life so that you don’t get all depressed. And Brooklyn Boulders provides that in spades, along with bright colors everywhere, which should also keep you happy. Plus a sense of accomplishment if you actually finish a route without falling off the wall to your well-padded doom below.

The one-month membership comes with full gear rental as well as unlimited opportunities for bouldering and the terrifyingly high top rope walls. Sooner or later Girls is gonna have a plot where one of the characters sprains her ankle after climbing here without insurance, and this place is gonna blow up, so we say get in and check it out now.

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  • ..this place looks awesome but even $99 seems really expensive for what it is. The regular price is $252? Damn, that’s nuts man!