Who will be the next Greenlight? Win $15K to fund your biz

If this competition worked for Greenlight, it could work for you.

Before Kickstarter and the like, you used to have to raise money for your crazy business plan by convincing investors you wouldn’t take their money and run. The Brooklyn Public Library is giving you a chance to learn ye olde business strategies, while also getting $15,000 to get your own business off the ground. And it’s worked for folks so far: previous winners include Bogata Latin Bistro, Brooklyn Creative League, Common Grounds and Greenlight Bookstore. Between now and September, you can enter the library’s PowerUP! Business Plan competition, which involves getting classes on creating business plans, marketing financial projections and doing research, while also connecting to business counselors. They’re offering cash prizes for second, third and fourth place too. Get all the deets here.