Please welcome your guest editors for the week, Kate and Camille

frozen tundra

Where Brokelyn editors are sent. via Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Hi guys! By the time you read this, I will be hiking/on a spirit vision quest in the middle of nowhere in Alaska (where they are in the midst of a heat wave with a high of a balmy 19 degrees). But, the broke show must go on, so in my absence, two of our extremely wonderful writers, Kate Mooney and Camille Lawhead will be running things. It should be a refreshing change of pace for people sick of things like needless trash talk directed at the Nets and obnoxious New York-centrism, and obnoxiousness in general.

In my place, they should provide a fresh perspective, but also still keep you as up to date as ever on the best deals and newsiest news happening in Brooklyn. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised that they do so well that when I come back to assume my place on the Brokelyn throne, everyone instead demands they stick around and that I go back to Alaska.

Update #1: Dave might not be so quick to go back to Alaska. Here are the first photos from his vacation: 

Dave stranded in the airport

After their flight to Anchorage was canceled, Team Colon spent several hours languishing at Kennedy before shipping off to Seattle first, then Anchorage, where they discovered that Delta had lost their luggage. Not that it’s a big deal to be in Alaska in January without all your stuff or anything.

Dave enjoying the "aurora borealis," also known as the reflection of the airport lights.

Dave makes the best of things by enjoying the “aurora borealis,” also known as the reflection of the airport lights.

Update #2: We now hear that Team Colon has finally escaped the Anchorage airport and is now… very cold. Button up that flannel!

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  • Hey Mooney, are you ready to start a tumblr called “Dave sleeping in inappropriate places” ??