You don’t have to resort to anything this desperate…yet. Photo via Flickr user deltacbravo

If you’ve spent any time standing on a G train platform and staring down the tunnel, wondering where the hell the train is, we’ve got a way for you to make a dent in the waiting game. Fresh off their meeting to sketch out plans for getting better G service, the Riders Alliance is taking things to the streets this weekend with a petition drive.

The petition is asking for more frequent G train service and free out of system transfers between the Broadway stop and either the Hewes or Lorimer J stops and between the Fulton stop and the Atlantic Terminal subway hub. The fact that you have to pay to go between the Broadway G and the J train is insanity, given that the J is only feet away, so this would have out support even if the Riders Alliance was only petitioning for that.

So if you’re mad as hell about the G train, or even just mildly annoyed, consider RSVPing on their site to volunteer to get some petition signatures. Did we mention they’re buying their petitioners lunch afterwards? Because they are. The group will be meeting at noon on Saturday at the Second Stop Cafe (524 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg). If you can’t volunteer but you’re still spending a day in Williamsburg, be a pal to all us G train riders and sign the petition if you come across someone with one.

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  1. Well it only took like 68 years or something to get free transfers from the BDFM to the 6, the G train must be next, right?

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