Pastrami egg rolls. Why didn’t anyone tell us?

Mill Basin Deli's pastrami egg roll

Mill Basin Deli's pastrami egg roll

Move over, potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts, there’s a new greasy Hanukkah food in town. Well, new to us anyway. We recently went for a good old kosher bite at the historic Mill Basin Kosher Delicatessen, and we came across what may be the epitome of greatness in a cross-cultural delicacy: the pastrami egg roll. This ingenious snack, which we feel hasn’t received near its fair share of the Brooklyn culinary spotlight, involves a delicate (albeit heart clogging) balance between Jewish deli and Chinese fast food. On the outside, nothing more than your run-of-the-mill fried egg roll. On the inside, the deli sandwich: shredded cabbage and pastrami.

Apparently, the side dish has been around for some time and, we’ve since learned, is purveyed at a number of restaurants around the borough. Here are all the places in Brooklyn (that we know of) where you can find them:

Mill Basin Kosher Delicatessen, 5823 Avenue T at E. 59th St., 718-241-4910, $3.95

Mr. Nosh, 3323 Avenue N at E. 35th St., 718-253-1400, $3.50

Gottlieb’s Restaurant, 352 Roebling St. at Division Ave., 718-384-6612, $3.50

Sub Express, 5219 13th Ave. between 52nd and 53rd Sts., 718-972-0010, $3.50

Subsational, 1928 Coney Island Ave. between Aves. O and P, 718-998-4545

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  • This is Brokelyn’s greatest contribution yet!

  • I personally CAN’T WAIT to try these things. Seriously–who knew?


  • why you gotta have so much beef with the pastrami egg roll?

  • you can also find them at glatt mart on Avenue M Whats the big deal? Theyre so greasy and unhealthy . pastrami , corned beef and all cured meats and smoked fish as well e.g. lox (btw) loaded with nitrates

  • I actually worked at the Mill Basin Deli when I was in high school (ugh- 17 years ago), and they didn’t have it then…

  • Since I live nearby, after reading this I immediately rode over to Gottlieb’s on Division St. to try one of these out. Had to report here that it was inedible. Truly disgusting. And for me, that’s saying a lot. The filling was a gray-green mush, completely unidentifiable. No meat of any kind that I could see or taste. I was kicking myself for not complaining and demanding my $3 back, just on principle.



  • Er, Gottlieb’s on Roebling that is. It’s near the corner of Division.