Park Slope Food Co-op member live-tweets three-hour meeting about plastic bags

park slope food co-op

There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday night, probably. We just can’t think of any. via @miriamkrule

Yesterday, while the more sane among you were live-tweeting The Bachelor (or live-tweeting NHL players’ live-tweeting it), hugging your families, making not very good pasta sauce or working, the Park Slope Food Co-op debated whether or not they would stop giving out free plastic produce bags. Slate’s Miriam Krule is a member, and being a journalist, decided to do some citizen journalism by live-tweeting the entire meeting. Krule’s tweets are the final chapter in the story of the last famous blow by blow account of a PSFC meeting, that also happened to be about plastic bags.




























































































Did you make it down here? Is anyone still reading? So anyway, equal parts ridiculous and hyper-earnest, but then no one ever said democracy was any fun. And least no one brought up Benghazi or their ideas for Star Wars Episode VII.

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  • Hilarious! So you go to a store using your eco-bag and bring home lots of food that’s packaged in plastic anyway!
    Can we go back to normal mainstream religions like Christianity and Snake Handling for self-actualization and give the Environmentalist a rest? Praise be to Gaia!