Websites are hip, right? via Ironstate Development/The Daily News

Staten Island is the new Brooklyn (again)! Let’s leave the tired premise of searching for the next Brooklyn aside for a moment (maybe forever) and focus instead on this: according to the Daily News the name of the big project that’s going to lure dumb millennials over the Verrazano Bridge is an apartment complex called URL. That is…quite a name. Of course, URL is now taken, and you still need to slap a millennial-friendly name on your development. Since we’re still young and have somewhat kind hearts, allow us to help you save money on consultants with these suggested names for your next millennial-bating building.

– Snapchat Court

– Instagardens

– Four Square

– Balconies by Dre

– Co-Operating System

– Hashtag Houses

– BAE (Bedford Arms Enclave)

– Venmo Towers

– The Dakota Fanning

– Cold Brew AppArtments

– A$AP Walkup

– The Unfinished Writing Projects

– HPVan Down By The River

– Building on Beard

– Budweiser Live-A-Rita

– Giftown

– Complex The Magazine The Complex

– Drake Space

– A Place 2 Vape

– Srirachambers

– The Internet Building

Thanks to Paul DeBenedetto, Tim Donnelly, Madelyn Owens, Faye Penn, Eric Silver and Meghan Stephens for other terrible names

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