Thanks Jeurys!

The Mets went to Philadelphia this weekend and kicked some Phillie ass, taking three of four from the only team worse than them in the NL East. Hooray for our road warrior Mets. Hooray for you too, because the Mets were running a promotion where every strikeout by their pitchers got you 1% off tickets at this week’s homestand, and the Mets struck out 30 Phillies. Which means 30% off tickets this week, which means just $11 for a ticket in the cheap seats. Hey, that’s cheaper than Cyclones tickets!

The Strikeouts for Savings deal sounds kind of bush league, but who cares when it means $11 tickets to see a professional baseball game? Especially when it’s $11 tickets to see the division-leading Washington Nationals and their eminently hateable young left fielder Bryce “Bruce” Harper come to town, we don’t care how the tickets got this cheap. And if you want to be real fancy, that 30% off deal applies to a few other parts of the ballpark if you’re too good for the left field outfield seats or don’t think you can casually sneak down a few sections once you’re in the stadium.

Should you go? Yes, you should go to a Mets game. Even though they’re still kinda bad this year, there’s actually hope, unlike our other mid-season check ins from previous years. We’re all laughing now, but with Matt Harvey back next year to anchor that young pitching staff and Lucas Duda having turned into a real life first baseman, the Mets probably won’t have to run piddling bullshit deals like this or sell Groupons next year. Then it’s gonna be all boring rich guys going to games, not fans like us who’ve suffered through this rebuilding. So get out to Citi Field, eat some Two Boots and tell Bruce Harper he sucks while you can (and while it’s empty enough that he hears you).

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