NYPD: OK, fine, we’ll pay attention to bike accidents now

It'll be nice when memorials aren't the only way to track bike accidents. Photo by Flickr's Daniel Cuper.

It may come as a surprise to you that the NYPD has not been tracking bike accidents this whole time, because for whatever reason bike crashes just didn’t seem that important to a city that has lots of stopping and frisking to do. Today, The Daily News has the scoop that the NYPD has finally started tracking bike accidents and treating them like car crashes by writing full accident reports, instead of the short information cards they used to fill out. All this means that the city will be documenting and tracking accidents to look for trends, which is surely a good thing for anyone concerned about bike safety and the availability of bike lanes (unless, of course, the data show you are all biking drunk on sidewalks all the time). And it least it means you won’t have to track your own accidents from now on.