The new NYC app is handy … but probably only for tourists

NYC Map screenshot hails your corporate overlords.

NYC & Company released a new free app called NYC Map this week that is something of a mix between Yelp, Groupon, Tweetdeck and Not For Tourists guide. It’s got a slightly creepy dystopian map showing all the corporate logos that line your street (while the non-Subways of the world are relegated to smaller typeface). The app would probably be most useful to Brooklynites for those days when you’re wandering around Soho and looking for something to eat when you have no idea what sorts of food they sell in that neighborhood. The other highlight is you can bring up deals based on your location right from the app to see if there’s any money saving options around (the Upper West Side is particularly lush with these at the moment, for some reason). You can also pull up local tweets to see what else is happening in the nabe or if any businesses are offering specials. Odds are, you already have a selection of apps that fill these functions on your spacephone, but you might tell your out of town friends to try it if they’re looking for a one-shot guide to the city. However, this bathroom finder app that came out last year is useful for us all.