(Not) leaving on a jetplane: who’s sticking around for Thanksgiving?

If you’re avoiding this, lucky you. via Travelers Today

Thanksgiving is a time for getting together with your family and dealing with all of the various irritations that go along with getting to them: traffic, train delays, taking your shoes off at the airport and getting bombarded with creepy sex x-rays. Even if you’re one of the genetic lottery winners than can claim “original Brooklyn” status, your entire family may not live here, so you might need to travel to see them. But, there are definitely some of you sticking around for the holiday. So, what are you gonna do? Take advantage of emptier movie theaters? Run topless or naked through Prospect Park? Volunteer? Go through our underwear drawers while we’re gone? Let us know, so that if we’re sticking around next year, we’ve got some ideas.

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