MTV loves them some Brokesters too

You heard it here: Brooklyn brokesters are the new Jersey mooks. First 2 Broke Girls, and coming soon I Just Want My Pants Back, MTV’s new comedy about four hipster-derived, hookup-happy BKers who are “single and broke: living the dream,” including a “douchebag’ and a nubile young lady suffering from sore, inflamed nether regions. We’ll reserve judgment (that’s why He created Gothamist commenters) but if all of this fascinates you, here’s a trailer for the show, premiering Thursday, Feb. 2 at 11:

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  • She wanted his pants so she took his pants. He wants his pants back. GET IT?!

  • This was a very funny book and I hope it doesn’t get dumbed down TOO much on the way to being a series.

    Also, the book took place in the West Village, because the author was a twentysomething long before “Greenpoint” and “hipsters.”