McCarren Park ice skating rink to open November 15

Like this, but with more "Hey, I'm glidin' here!" via Flickr user Jonathan Caves

Like this, but with more “Hey, I’m glidin’ here!” via Flickr user Jonathan Caves

Winter is coming, and not in a Game of Thrones sense, we mean in a “The trees and crops are dying and it’s getting colder sense.” And that’s bad for the most part, because it means you have to stay indoors with your winter girlfriend for the most part. Unless you want to go ice skating, because in that case, the McCarren Park ice rink,one of Brooklyn’s two new outdoor ice skating rinks is actually set to come in ahead of schedule, on November 15.

The Times reports that the rink will open November 15 at 11am, and we’ll theorize the first fight/attempted summersault happens on November 15 at 11:02am. If you don’t have skates, don’t worry, you’ll be able to rent them for $5. The rink won’t be on the pool space itself, but rather on a deck next to the pool, which sadly means it won’t be big enough for hockey. But it will be big enough to hold 300 ice skaters at a time, or at least 300 people who used to know how to ice skate and now have to get their legs under them again.