Flooding in Red Hook. via the Daily News
One of the better things about living in the media capital of the world is that when it’s busy getting deluged, there are plenty of people there to document it while you sit at home drinking and watching movies. Presented below are some of our favorite Sandy pics.
The East River trying to swallow up Brooklyn Bridge Park. via Jessica Roy at The Observer
Our friend Alan getting set to scuba dive in Red Hook


Greenpointers on Java St. What evacuation zone? via Yuka Yoneda/inhabitat


Cattin’ down the hatches


Dude, your boat’s floatin away… Photo by @raeinbk


Photo by @noainny


Woah, dude, put some shoes on before you hang ten! Photo by @dreskull


Where does one get hat condoms? Photo by @azipaybarah.


No match for Sandy. Photo by @christackett


Massive wave hits Coney Island. Photo by @time


No more chicken :( Photo by @zarzecks
Brokelyn approved preparedness kit. Photo by @knowacki.

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