And here’s a man who never needs to worry about the price of ice cream ever again

Kinda funny the way things work out sometimes, huh? You spend all winter hoping desperately for it to warm up, and then it finally does. On a Tuesday, when you’re stuck at the office. As you stare forlornly out the window at all the tourists and lucky unemployed people with their carefree lives, your heart may harden. Buck up! Here’s something to help you on your lunch break: it’s Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day again!

It’ll help if you work in an office in Manhattan anyway, since those lousy hippies don’t have a participating store in Brooklyn. But hey, if you do work near Herald Square or Rockefeller Center, you can get your hands on a free cone of ice cream, which, even if Tim called it bland and “the Huffington Post of frozen desserts,” well, he’s a vegan now and his opinion can’t be trusted in matters of the heart ice cream. And even better news this year: if you don’t have any friends to eat ice cream with, Ben and Jerry’s has a weird Facebook app that will find you a friend to eat ice cream with. Not that we need it, being so wildly popular.

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