Introducing… the hipster Christmas tree

Picture 2Nothing says F-ck Christmas like a tree that looks like a giant toilet brush. Just out from CB2—”unapologetically artificial” bottle brush trees made of white propylene, $39.95 and $79.95. “Silver wire and snow white bristles recycle cheer year to year,” the ad promises. We’ll admit to being no fans of CB2’s cookie-cutter urban sensibility in general, but these loo-derived devices are even more depressing than most of the retailer’s McLoft furnishings. It’s, um, Christmas. Don’t even the most diehard ironists occasionally let down their guards? And where can we find festively-colored urinal pucks to hang off the branches? Best trimming suggestion wins a Brokelyn t-shirt. (And if you love CB2, feel free to argue otherwise—we’re curious what people  think of their stuff.)

Picture 3

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